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Community Engagement

Constituent Participation

GovOS Community Engagement applications allow your constituents to express their opinions, needs, and celebrations on projects and initiatives. Collecting this structured and unstructured data and turning it into actionable dashboards and metrics is the mission of our Community Engagement services.

Our Survey tool allows for quick creation of surveys and polls on virtually any topic relevant to your agency.

Responses are collected and custom workflows, such as email settings, can be applied to create quick action or disseminate information automatically.

Simple drag-and-drop form elements let your departments easily create without unnecessarily burdening IT.

“Before COVID, we had the door to digital transformation cracked open a little. But in response to the pandemic, we kicked that door wide open. Now we’ve digitally transformed all of our departments to some degree—everything from security check on your home, to building permits, to signing up for benefits—anything and everything we have a document for we have electronically. We now view digital transformation as a quality of life consideration for our citizens: we want to meet or exceed their expectations, and GovOS helps us accomplish that.”

Dominique Green | City Clerk, Cleveland, MS

Unlock the true power of GovOS Community Engagement by using it alongside our Digital Transformation Platform

The GovOS government software platform offers a suite of cloud-based solutions that enable local governments to automate and streamline operations, provide seamless access to resources and information, and deliver cutting-edge digital services to businesses, residents and agencies.

Information Access

These cloud-based applications provide some of the most powerful search and retrieval functionality in government software.

Online Civic Services

Connect with your constituents. GovOS Online Civic Service applications provide a platform for interfacing with the public and businesses to provide services.

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Business Licensing & Tax

GovOS Business Licensing & Tax Filing solutions make it possible to accommodate more lines of revenue from local businesses without putting more pressure on your team.

Bring Government To The People

Find out how GovOS is different. Let us show you how GovOS can enhance the way you deliver service.