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Utilities Package

GovOS Utilities Package converts complex, paper-heavy utilities processes into simple, streamlined online services

Utility Processes Simplified

Today, hundreds of municipalities across the United States use GovOS within their Utility Departments. Our Utilities Package draws on this depth of experience to modernize how citizens engage with their local government. Digitizing these systems moves agencies away from in-person inquiries and requests over the phone, to a modern, online customer experience. In addition to reducing paperwork, digitizing utilities processes also reduces errors and time spent manually entering data needed to record, track and manage requests.

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How it Works

Among the many workflows automated, a common process we digitize is the Utility Service Request:

Community Engagement Starts With Online Services

When it comes to interacting with businesses and government, people expect to be able to get things done anywhere, any time, on any type of device. In building a strong community, and attracting new members and businesses, local governments should strive to meet and exceed those expectations by providing easy-to-use online services. With GovOS Utilities Package software, digitizing a form or process takes only minutes and can make a world of difference in the day-to-day lives of your constituents.

Why This Works For You & Your Team

Reduce Phone Calls and Walk-Ins

Using GovOS digitized forms, citizens can submit requests from any device at any time.

Eliminate Back and Forth

With digital forms in our Utilities Package, inquiries can’t be submitted until complete. And there’s no having to guess at illegible handwriting.

Automate Communication

GovOS consultants can create things like automated messages, stages and tags that can be used to keep all parties (internal and external) in the loop as a request progresses.

Fast, Easy Implementation

Our team works quickly to understand your needs and customize online services to meet the needs of your staff and citizens.

Flexibility of Workflows

We know every organization is different, which is why we provide a multitude of options to customize our solutions to meet your specific needs.

All-In-One Platform

With the GovOS Utilities Package, we’ll help your team bring every step of your processes online, from form intake to output.

“With help from the GovOS team, in less than a year we went from 20 digitized forms to more than 1,000 forms with over 33,000 submissions. We started with all our public-facing forms, specifically those that require payment, and it’s greatly improved the user experience for both citizens and staff members.”

Dawn Connet | eGovernment Services Coordinator, State of Iowa

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