Bald Head Island, NC Manages an Influx of 10,000 Visitors Every Summer

As a tourist destination and short-term rental hotspot, Bald Head Island needed a way to simplify STR compliance and occupancy tax collection. Watch this video to hear the Finance Director share how staff members use technology to help manage the village’s short-term rentals.

Bald Head Island is a small island off the coast of North Carolina. We have a year-round population of about 400, and we have about 1,400 properties on the island. It’s a tourist destination. People come annually. Find out how our team manages an influx in the summer.

We see a peak volume of visitors of about 10,000 in the summertime. My responsibilities as finance director deal with all things accounting-related, budgetary purposes, we construct annual budget, tax collections, everything that deals with local government finance comes through our office. Issue that we were dealing with were non-compliance with short-term rental regulations, as well as issues with occupancy tax submissions, and tax form remittances as well. So that led us to having to look for solutions to that problem in terms of what technology was out there to help solve it.

So, we decided to go with GovOS because it had everything that we were looking for. We’re hoping that the platform enables us to manage an influx with ease and assists staff in ensuring that compliance is followed by property owners and helping with occupancy tax collections, as well as helping to identify those potential properties that are out there that, could be renting and not compliant. So staff is excited about it. They enjoy the module and utilizing it daily, as well as researching properties that are out there that could be renting and helping to educate property owners on the regulations that are there.

The feedback from the community has been positive so far. They’re thrilled that the process has been shifted from a paper process to an online process, and just a one-stop shop to make things as simple as possible.

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