Licensing & Registration Suite

Effortless Online Business Licensing and Registration

Optimized licensing solutions to drive efficiency for state and local governments, and empower agencies to positively impact their business community.

A Modern Business Licensing and Registration Experience

The GovOS Licensing and Registration solutions offer dynamic workflow automation, operational simplicity, and constant connectivity. This comprehensive suite delivers pivotal outcomes that streamline licensing procedures, enable real-time renewals, and provide a 24/7 portal, optimizing the way businesses engage with government services.


End-to-End Business License Management

A single unified system to manage every step of your licensing process. Consolidated data to easily manage compliance, transactions, and security.


Maximize Team Productivity

Implement dynamic and automated workflows to expedite cross-departmental collaboration, simplify data collection, and drive operational efficiency so staff can focus on strategic initiatives.


Better Business Experience

Enable businesses to submit registration forms, renewals, and payments online 24/7 for the ultimate convenience.

Business Licensing Application displaying a License

Business Licensing and Registration Solution


Business Licensing

Automate and manage business license applications, renewals, and payments in one system.


Short-Term Rental Registration

Efficiently manage short-term rental compliance, from registration to fee collection, within your jurisdiction.

Additional Licensing & Registration Applications

Professional Licensing

Simplify the issuance and maintenance of professional credentials, ensuring requirements are met with ease.


Tobacco & Alcohol Licensing

Oversee and regulate tobacco and alcohol license processes, maintaining compliance with specific industry regulations.


Business Incorporation

Facilitate new business entries smoothly with efficient online incorporation workflows.


Cannabis Licensing

Navigate the complex cannabis licensing landscape with a solution tailored for regulatory adherence.

“We have been using GovOS Business Licensing for several years now. We’ve had several staff member changes, but I never have to worry about sales taxes and licensing – even with staff turnover. With GovOS Business Licensing, this revenue collection just 'goes' without me worrying about a thing.”

Renae Gustine, Finance Director

Town of Carbondale, CO


Elevate governance with our Licensing & Registration Suite, blending innovation with simplicity for seamless compliance and unparalleled user experience.


True Cloud Solutions


True Cloud Solutions

 Leverage the GovOS modern cloud technology for a unified experience, continuous improvements, and configurable features for all users.


Dynamic Process Management


Dynamic Process Management

Ability to manage multiple license types and approval workflows of varying complexity.


Automated Reminders


Automated Reminders

Support customers and staff with automated reminders about outstanding tasks, past due payments, upcoming license renewals.
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