Digital-to-Digital Conversion Services

In a digital world, it’s possible for data to get left behind. It could be information in antiquated, unreadable formats, or varied media that needs to be aligned to a single format, or an attempt to standardize on one software solution.


Whatever your digital-to-digital conversion challenge, GovOS Conversion Services can help.

GovOS Conversion Services can help you save time and money, improve productivity, enable more flexible data access, and ensure all of your data is protected by the highest level of security and encryption.


Is your team struggling with any of the following?

  • Changing equipment vendors for archival applications or storage
  • In need of a specialized software application to be written to complete or perform a data or media conversion
  • Merging or consolidating operations backup devices
  • Acquiring data from outside sources on incompatible media or in diverse formats
  • Using outdated storage equipment and would like to upgrade to newer technology
  • Burdened with antiquated, underdeveloped, or less desirable applications
  • Encountering incompatible applications

GovOS Conversion Services can tackle multiple media and data challenges

Whatever you have or need, we’ll make it work. The GovOS Conversion Center can work with almost every data and media type available—CD and DVD formats to tape and more. In terms of data, GovOS literally supports over 150 types from A to Z, including but not limited to:

Supported media types include:

  • CD Media—CD-R, CD-RW
  • Optical Drives—Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, LMSI, MaxOptix, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pinnacle, Plasmon, Sony
  • 5 1/4″ Optical Worm (1.4 GB, 2.6 GB, 4.6 GB, 5.2 GB, 9.1 GB); Rewritable (1.5 GB, 2.6 GB, 5.2 GB, 9.1 GB)
  • 12″ (5.6 GB, 12 GB, 30 GB)— Plasmon/LMS
  • 12″ (1 GB, 7 GB)Hitachi; 12″ (10.2 GB)—ATG
  • 14″ (6.8 GB, 10.2 GB, 14.8 GB, 25 GB)—Kodak
  • Misc. Media—Zip, Jazz, Bernoulli, SyQuest
  • Tape Media—9 track reel, 3480, 3490, 3490e, SD3, 9840, 9940, 8 mm/AIT, 4 mm/DAT/DDS, QIC, Travan, DLT III/ IV (20/40, 35/70, 40/80 GB), LTO, Super DLT
  • Tape Formats— ARCserve NT/Novell, HP/Colorado, IBM Tapes, MSDOS/ Win 95/Win NT/Win 2000, NovaStor, Outright, QT, Veritas NetBackup, Backup Exec, UNIX (TAR & CPIO) and many more!

Supported data types:

  • Document imaging
  • COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disc) or RDM (Report Distribution Management)
  • Check imaging
  • Databases
  • Image formats
  • Host systems

If you want to change the content or format of your data, or need to securely transfer data from one type of media to another type or density, GovOS Conversion Services can create a solution that’s carefully tailored to your needs.

GovOS Conversion Services

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