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The beginning of the Digital Transformation Journey for Government starts with the automation of the back office processes. GovOS Records are complete solutions for the offices and agencies that are entrusted with the care of official records.


“GovOS really took charge and partnered up. They have walked besides us and made sure we are successful anywhere we go in Bexar County.”

Lucy Adame-Clark
Bexar County Clerk, TX

Transformation Starts with Recording

The building blocks of today’s digital office are cloud-based systems of record. Within the GovOS Records management software solutions are specialized applications designed to complete the entire land or vital records recording process. Built on our history of experience working with the public sector, these products are custom designed to meet the stringent needs of specific government document recording.


Land Records

The GovOS Land Records Management application was specifically designed for government agencies that regularly process land records such as the Register or Registrar of Deeds, Clerk of Court, and other agencies. Our team’s extensive experience processing property records dating back hundreds of years truly sets us apart as industry experts.


Vital Records

The GovOS Vital Records Management application streamlines the management process for vital records, including birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. Core functionality includes customizable workflows that culminate in cashiering, printing on security paper, and more.

Designed to Solve Specific Government Challenges

Beyond the intake of information, GovOS Records provides proprietary, best-in-class technology that makes workflow automation customized to your needs while utilizing best practices. The suite includes end-to-end systems and point solutions to solve issues within your entire process as well as specific, defined issues.


Automated Indexing

Utilizing intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies, GovOS streamlines the data entry and verification process with advanced indexing capabilities. This proprietary capability automatically identifies predetermined information within documents, such as parties to a contract, dates, legal descriptions, addresses, dollar amounts, and other important information from unstructured documents.


Records Archival

We can help our government partners secure the future by providing state-of-the-art backup and file protection services to keep public records protected from catastrophic loss. In addition, we are experienced in helping recording offices proactively develop a strategy for preserving, protecting, and recovering records in post-emergency situations.


Property Alert

Property Alert aids in the detection of possible fraudulent activity regarding documents filed in offices where land records are maintained. The client office can take steps to protect constituents’ rights to their homes with easy-to-use features. Local governments can prevent the loss of time and money associated with correcting mortgage and deed fraud by directing the public to search their own name and property for documents recorded on public record, or signing up for email alerts to be notified when a document is recorded with their name and/or property.

“My team has found using the auto-indexing feature for birth and death certificates to be both accurate and time-saving. We are currently using the Vital Records Management app to record 98.5% of all birth records within 1 day, while our death records are averaging 8 days, exceeding the VSU standard for 5-star status.”

Juli Luke, County Clerk

Denton County, TX
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