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Effortless Land and Vital Records Management

Secure and seamless access with the only cloud-native solution

Transformation Starts with Recording

At GovOS, we’re dedicated to transforming local government operations, driving staff efficiency, and ensuring that essential services are easily accessible to citizens.

Our Cloud Records solution stands out as the sole cloud-native platform that empowers counties to record and process land and vital records seamlessly. Whether you need an all-in-one system or a targeted solution, Cloud Records can tackle any challenge in your records management workflow.

Say goodbye to inefficient legacy processes that hinder progress. At GovOS, we automate back-office tasks that serve as the backbone for a modern digital office. Our specialized applications simplify and streamline land and vital records management, enabling you to leave outdated processes in the past.

Unmatched Expertise in Land Records

  • Configurable routing for efficient workflows
  • Robust reporting capabilities for data-driven insights
  • Easy access for both citizens and staff
  • Simplified records digitization process

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Effortless Vital Records Management

  • Secure record tracking and digital certification
  • Automated workflow for providing certified copies of vital records
  • Configurable workflows for cashiering and secure printing
  • Integration with state systems for universal data sharing
  • Centralized data storage for easy access from anywhere

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Advantages of Switching to a Cloud-Native Solution


Improved Staff Productivity


Improved Staff Productivity

Allow team members to collaborate even while working remotely.


Enhanced Security


Enhanced Security

Safeguard public records with robust backup and file protection measures.


Ensure Business Continuity


Ensure Business Continuity

Robust disaster recovery capabilities ensure uninterrupted government operations.

Always-On Accessibility


Always-On Accessibility

24/7 self-service access, enhancing citizen engagement and responsiveness.


“GovOS really took charge and partnered up. They have walked besides us and made sure we are successful anywhere we go in Bexar County.”

Lucy Adame-Clark
Bexar County Clerk, TX

What Makes GovOS Unique

GovOS Cloud Records provides best-in-class technology that makes workflow automation customized to your needs while utilizing best practices. The suite includes end-to-end systems and point solutions to solve issues throughout the entire process.



For convenient and seamless access and adaptability.


Highest Security Standards

Our SOC 2 certification ensures the highest levels of security.


Industry-Leading Customer Support

We provide unparalleled multilingual support options for employees and citizens.


Simple Search Capability

Easily locate critical information in documents such as contract parties, dates, legal descriptions, addresses and financial details. Our Google-like interface ensures a simple and efficient record search experience.


Property Alert

Give property owners a tool to detect and prevent fraudulent activity in land records. Property Alert empowers you to help protect constituents’ property rights. Save time and money by enabling the public to search their own records or receive email alerts for any document recorded under their name or property.

“My team has found using the auto-indexing feature for birth and death certificates to be both accurate and time-saving. We are currently using the Vital Records Management app to record 98.5% of all birth records within 1 day, while our death records are averaging 8 days, exceeding the VSU standard for 5-star status.”

Juli Luke, County Clerk

Denton County, TX
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