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Make the Digital Experience Personal: Improving Service Levels from the Top to the Frontline

Watch this webinar to learn how Dauphin County, PA, and Boulder County, CO deliver new and better constituent experiences.

Growing Revenue for Residents: How Breckenridge, CO Ensures Licensing and Tax Compliance

Watch how the town of Breckenridge, CO leaders support a thriving business community while ensuring a high quality of life for residents.

Becoming a Better Clerk and Leader

Watch this panel discussion on becoming a better clerk and leader featuring Dallas County, TX Clerk and Denton County, TX Clerk.

Ensure Occupational Tax Compliance: A 15-min Tutorial for Finance Leaders

Watch this presentation on trends in locally collected occupational tax.

Unlocking Revenue & Resources: How Gilbert, AZ Streamlines Compliance & Tax

Watch this webinar to learn how the Town of Gilbert, AZ streamlined its short-term rental registration and compliance processes to improve the overall experience for residents and visitors.

Maximize Revenue with Tax and Compliance for Short-Term Rentals

Watch this webinar to hear from GovOS Tax Solution Leader Matt Polovich as he shares how local governments can lock in long-term revenue and show ROI with the right technology.

From Data to Decisions: Mastering Effective Reporting on Short-Term Rentals and Tax Revenue

In this webinar, we explore tools and techniques for improved reporting and give you a first-hand look at how to streamline data collection. You can also see a live demo of one county’s STR and tax revenue reporting system.

Effective Short-Term Rental Management in New England Communities

Watch the Planning & Zoning Administrator of Rutland, VT explore strategies for addressing the economic impacts of short-term rentals alongside industry leaders from Breezeway and the Vermont STR Alliance.

GovOS Fireside Chat: Roadmap to a Successful Short-Term Rental Program

Hear from the Community & Economic Development Director for South Salt Lake City as we discuss the roadmap to a successful STR program that increases engagement between all community stakeholders.

Short-Term Rental Trends in Tennessee

Hear from the Assessor of Property for Rutherford County, TN to learn about the County’s approach to STRs, the impacts of the Treasury Bulletin Number 2021-01, and what lies ahead for Tennessee jurisdictions.

GovOS Partner Panel: Local Governments & the Short-Term Rental Industry

Join us for a discussion with our partners at Rent Responsibly, Texas Travel Alliance, and Utah Association of Counties as we cover changes within the short-term rental industry, including legislation and a series of new trends.

Long-Term Fixes for Short-Term Rentals

In this webinar, we look at a few examples of what large vacation cities and small-town America alike have done to adapt to the new reality of the short-term rental industry.

Remote Marriage Licensing in Texas

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about remote marriage licensing in Texas. You’ll also hear from government staff at Dauphin County, PA as they share their experience using a marriage licensing system.

Short-Term Rental Trends in Arizona

In this 45-minute webinar, we sit down with the CIO and the Deputy City Manager of Glendale, AZ to talk about their holistic approach to the STR market and how they prepared Glendale to host the Super Bowl.

Short-Term Rentals in Florida: Increasing Revenue by Examining the Taxpayer’s Perspective

Watch this replay to learn how to create a successful short-term rental program by improving the user experience with a straightforward process for taxpayers that will help increase local tax revenue.

How Kentucky is Digitizing Occupational Tax Remittance

Join us for a conversation where we share how Kentucky jurisdictions are using the GovOS Occupational Tax Filing Solution to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and make life easier for citizens and government staff.

How Bay County, FL Works with Short-Term Rentals

Join us for a conversation with Bay County to learn about the current state of short-term rentals in Florida and how the County is working to increase engagement between government, citizens, and local business owners.

How Local Governments Can Simplify the Business Licensing Process

Join us for a conversation with our Chief Strategy Officer, Erin Neer, to learn about the challenges business licensing poses to local governments and how agencies can streamline licensing processes in their jurisdiction.

How Visit Rogers, AR Works with Short-Term Rentals

Hear from staff at the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Rogers to learn about the current state of short-term rentals and how they increased engagement between agencies, citizens, and business owners.

How Deschutes County, OR Works with Short-Term Rentals

Join us for a conversation about the current state of short-term rentals, and how Judi Hasse and Ryan Dunning of Deschutes County, OR are increasing engagement between their agency, citizens, and local business owners.