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Key Outcomes for GovOS Business Licensing Customers

GovOS is your catalyst to a more secure and modern local government. Seamlessly transition from paper-based to digital management and offer businesses 24/7 registration and renewal. With our dedicated support, automated reminders, and customized solutions, compliance and revenue generation become effortless for your jurisdiction.

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Transformative Results

Simplify auditing and reconciliation for increased compliance and revenue generation.


Seamless Transition

Convert labor-intensive, paper-based processes into effortless online registration and management.


Better Business Experience

Enable businesses to submit registration forms, renewals, and payments online 24/7 for the ultimate convenience.


Through paperless automation, jurisdictions benefit from an increase in collections and a decrease in errors.


Dedicated Support Team


Dedicated Support Team

We’re here to assist every business user, so staff can focus on other priorities. Your businesses call our support team regarding any user experience-related questions.


Automated Accuracy


Automated Accuracy

Automatically calculate fees and penalties to eliminate errors and save time.


Fortified Security


Fortified Security

Your business licensing data is stored in a secure online database, eliminating the need for paper records. Benefit from a protected history of business license activity.

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Success Story

How Okaloosa County, FL Uses the GovOS Business Licensing & Tax Application to Collect and Manage Over $30M in Annual Tourist Development Taxes

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Business Licensing Notifications Settings

Your unique workflow for business license processing can be automated through our configurable system.

We take the burden of supporting system use and issues off of government staff to allow them to focus on other priorities.


Streamlined Payments

Business payments are automatically deposited in real time, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial process for your jurisdiction. All refunds, returns, and paper payments are also managed within our system.


Workflow Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate every facet of your licensing workflow into the system. Promote cross-departmental collaboration, simplifying approval processes and data collection.


Renewal Assurance

Say goodbye to missed renewal dates. Our automated notifications ensure your business users stay on top of their license renewals, reducing hassle and improving compliance.

“We have been using GovOS Business Licensing for several years now. We’ve had several staff member changes, but I never have to worry about sales taxes and licensing – even with staff turnover. With GovOS Business Licensing, this revenue collection just 'goes' without me worrying about a thing.”

Renae Gustine, Finance Director

Town of Carbondale, CO
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