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Solutions that make it simpler to transact with government, improve service levels, and boost compliance around revenue-generating services.

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Hundreds of cities, counties, and state agencies rely on GovOS to deliver services to their residents and businesses. Every product we offer is tailored to solve a specific transaction and compliance challenge, and enable governments to provide the modern services their communities expect.

Discover how GovOS solutions effectively meet and fulfill your specific needs:


By Department

Enhance productivity and service quality with purpose-built tools.


By Process

Improve efficiency around essential transaction and compliance workflows.


By Agency Type

Adapt service improvements to local, county, or state agency demands.

By Department

From finance, to clerks/recorders, to community development, our solutions cater to the unique requirements of different government functions and priorities. Our solutions are also IT- and procurement-approved with integrated, cross-departmental workflows.

Finance & Tax

GovOS equips teams with streamlined tax filing, registration, and efficient fee collection systems, simplifying revenue management and compliance monitoring.


Tax and Finance isometric design

Community & Economic Development

GovOS empowers staff with streamlined registration and licensing workflows, enhancing efficiency from application, to approval, and renewal to support economic expansion and ensure compliance.


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Clerk & Recorder Offices

GovOS modernizes record-keeping for clerks and recorders with robust document management and public access systems, elevating the efficiency and reliability of record services.


Secure document for clerks and recorders


GovOS provides IT departments with adaptive, cloud-first tools, streamlining system integrations and enhancing data security across platforms.


Cloud computing, IT and procurement

Better Workflows, Better Service

“We are proud to have a turnaround time that is less than one day from when a document is recorded to when it’s publicly available.”

Daniel O’Connor Jr.
Franklin County Recorder, OH

By Process

Intuitive tools to make it simpler for leaders and staff – from administrators, to finance managers, and clerks – to improve how they work and serve.

Public Records Management

Filing, retrieval, and maintenance of crucial documents – such as property deeds, birth, and death certificates – to ensure their accuracy, availability, and legal compliance.


Records management process

Revenue Management

Overseeing revenue collection and financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.


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License Management

Processing new applications, approval workflows, issuance, and renewal procedures of various license types within a jurisdiction.


License Management isometric design

Short-Term Rental Management

Working with short-term rental owners and operators to achieve compliance with local regulations and monitor the impact of short-term rentals on the community.


Short-term rental management isometric design

“Our partnership with GovOS will give us the data we need to evaluate the local market and help build a healthier short-term rental community.”

April Akins

Revenue Services Manager, Town of Hilton Head Island, SC

By Agency Type

GovOS offers versatile solutions tailored for every agency type. Our platform is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities each level of government faces, providing scalable tools that facilitate service improvements and operational efficiency.

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