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Partnering With Local Governments To Deliver Change

Across the United States, hundreds of governments rely on GovOS to provide services to more than 20 million citizens yearly. GovOS solutions are built on this legacy of helping our customers serve their constituents and businesses. Each product we offer is custom built to solve a specific challenge, and make it easy for governments to digitize and transform how they do business.

More than 800 cities, counties, and states use GovOS to modernize transactions for citizens and businesses.

Flexible Enough To Meet The Needs Of Every Level of Government

In government, there are a wide array of processes that can be digitized to improve the lives of those in the municipality. To account for the range of use cases, GovOS offers digital government solutions that are intuitive and scalable. No matter how simple or complex, GovOS products can bring processes online quickly, without requiring more resources or additional bandwidth.


Local governments are the engine that drive true change in citizens’ lives. New solutions to everyday challenges can have an immediate impact on quality of life and revenue generated for the municipality.

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Creating statewide standards for digital innovation requires forward-thinking collaboration. GovOS works with state level agencies across the country to think big picture, and develop best-in-class processes that can be scaled and duplicated across departments.

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Special District

GovOS can also work closely with agencies designed to overcome region-specific challenges. In these instances, our team is equipped to develop customized solutions and offer customized training to ensure the success of programs that solve big problems.

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How The State of South Dakota Uses GovOS

In an effort to streamline the number of forms it offers and make it easier for constituents to conduct business, the South Dakota Department of Revenue used GovOS to complete a massive digitization project.

“The GovOS system gives us the ability to create additional pathway to next generation.”

John F. Warren
Dallas County Clerk, TX

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The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is a $1.9 trillion relief package aimed at helping individuals and communities throughout the country. All state and local governments will have access to non-competitive funding from the U.S. Department of Treasury. Your municipality can use these funds to procure GovOS software and services.

Download our whitepaper to see how funds will be allocated, how they differ from CARES Act funding, and what your government can do to put this funding to work your citizens and staff.

With You Every Step Of The Way

GovOS brings increased efficiency and a smarter workflow to staff and officials in every part of government.

Government Leaders

Digital transformation starts at the leadership level. We regularly work with CIOs and high-ranking officials to lead the charge in transforming how their citizens engage with government.


Local Catalysts

Increasingly we find that change agents can operate in any department. With the right initiative and mindset, we can help any size government agency meet their goals and exceed their citizens’ expectations.


IT Team

The IT team is the backbone of any digital transformation project. We can work closely with your team to guide implementation and train key stakeholders so that your organization is set up for success come launch day.


Bring Government To The People

Find out how GovOS is different. Let us show you how GovOS can enhance the way you deliver service.