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GovOS Partner Ecosystem

Here’s a look at the 4 different types of partners that make up the GovOS partner ecosystem.

Partner Types
Strategic Partner

Strategic partners include state and local government associations, local alliances, and industry leaders that serve governments and/or their businesses and citizens. These partners help drive industry development and long-term industry goals.

Technology Partner

Technology partners work alongside GovOS to provide cutting-edge, integrated platforms, tools, or software that creates greater value for our customers and/or end users. Together we optimize our customer’s digital transformation journey, create shared solutions that deliver results, and grow our organizations.

Channel Partner

Channel partners are trusted co-sellers, resellers, referral programs, marketplaces, and managed service providers. We offer various opportunities to meet your business needs. Let’s get there faster together!


Advisors and ambassadors work alongside GovOS to address industry challenges together, guiding proven strategic approaches to industry best practices and thought leadership. Ambassadors are customers or end users who provide expertise and guidance for everything from product enhancements to sharing their GovOS journey.

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From inception, GovOS has taken a holistic approach to offering solutions that have positive impacts on communities. We draw on decades of experience in finance, tax, and local government to facilitate engagement between leaders at public and private organizations in the local and state government ecosystem.

GovOS Partner Philosophy

The GovOS partner program is designed to create greater value not only for our direct customers–state and local governments–but for our end users. We collaborate closely with industry leaders in technology to deliver expertise, innovation, impactful community building, and educational resources to foster positive engagement.

We work alongside a strategic network of partners to educate, empower, and serve our customers to increase efficiency and expertise. Partners strengthen our ability to support digital transformation, increase citizen engagement, and bring value to governments and their constituents.

GovOS invites you to join our partner network and connect with industry leaders that drive innovation for governments, their businesses, and citizens.

Benefits of Partnering with GovOS:

  • Business Growth
  • Joint Marketing
  • Brand Elevation
  • Industry Thought Leadership
  • Referrals
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Access to Partner Ecosystem
  • Partner-Only Webinar Training
  • GovOS Webpage Listing
  • Partner Blog Spotlight

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Anna Vaughn

“Our partners are invaluable in elevating and promoting industry excellence. We are just as invested in their success as we are in our customer’s journey. Leveraging industry leaders to collaborate and create greater customer value is my passion!”

Anna Vaughn, SVP of Partners, GovOS
Live Event

GovOS Partner Panel: Local Governments & the STR Industry

Join us for a discussion with our partners at Rent Responsibly, Texas Travel Alliance and Utah Association of Counties as we cover one of the hottest topics on community agendas throughout the country.

GovOS Partner Profiles

This series of articles profiles the industry-leading organizations partnering with GovOS to promote better engagement between governments and their constituents.

Austin, Texas Skyline Sunset

GovOS Partner Profile: Texas Travel Alliance

Last March, we announced our partnership with the Texas Travel Alliance (TTA), a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to developing travel and tourism to its fullest potential.

Through this partnership, TTA members that utilize the GovOS Short-Term Rental (STR) solution have access to educational resources that support collaboration between all stakeholders within a community.

In this partner profile, Shane Wilhelm, Director of Membership and Business Development for the TTA, shares insight into the organization’s ongoing efforts, the direction of the STR and travel industries, and what makes this partnership so valuable.

Hot air balloons take flight over Boise, Idaho

GovOS Partner Profile: Idaho Association of Counties

In March, we announced our partnership with Idaho Association of Counties (IAC), a statewide organization that supports county interests, good public policy, and community best practices.

Together, we’re providing Idaho counties with access to resources that support local businesses and improve the lives of residents.

In this partner profile, the IAC team shares their mission, the member resources they offer, and how digital services help counties better serve their communities.

Silicon Slopes Lehi Utah

GovOS Partner Profile: Utah Association of Counties

A statewide, nonprofit organization, Utah Association of Counties (UAC) provides services to improve local government operations for counties and in effect, all Utah citizens. We’re now more than three months into the GovOS-UAC partnership and the teams behind the organizations are working closely to provide resources that benefit Utah communities.

In this partner profile, we hear from Bryan Rodgers, UAC’s Corporate Relations Program Director, who talks about the organization’s success at promoting harmony among members, some of the most popular member resources and the changes he’s seeing in the Utah travel industry.

Montpelier, Vermont, USA town Skyline.

GovOS Partner Profile: Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance

Officially announced in May, our partnership with the Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance (VTSTRA) underscores both organizations’ ongoing efforts to encourage responsible renting in communities through expanded access to digital solutions and resources.

In this partner profile, Julie Marks, Founder, Director and Board President of VTSTRA shares some insight into her organization’s current and future initiatives, trends and predictions she has for the STR industry, and how partnering with GovOS plays a role in the overarching company mission.

Stereo system on with volume turned up

GovOS Partner Profile: NoiseAware

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with NoiseAware, the global leader in smart noise monitoring technology. As part of the partnership, local governments using the GovOS Short-Term Rental (STR) solution now have the power to offer STR operators in their community discounted rates on NoiseAware noise monitoring solutions.

This offering has garnered a lot of positive feedback from agency staff and property owners looking for ways to mitigate STR-related issues, including excessive noise, in their neighborhoods.

To give you a glimpse of the team behind the tech and what makes this partnership so impactful, we sat down with NoiseAware to discuss their mission, how this technology is unique and where they see the STR industry heading.

Our Partners Across the Nation

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Western Governors Association
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“Partners inspire us every day to work harder to be an industry innovator for all stakeholders.”

Bradley Steckart, Strategic Partnership Manager, GovOS

In the News

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