The Digital Transformation Platform for Government

The GovOS government software platform offers a suite of cloud-based solutions that enable local governments to automate and streamline operations, provide seamless access to resources and information, and deliver cutting-edge digital services to businesses, residents and agencies.

Official Public Records

Government Efficiency

Put everything in the right place with a modern government document management system designed for the Cloud. GovOS Official Public Records makes it easy to capture, process and manage all of your data in a centralized repository. Our Records solutions will help digitize your processes and provide staff with quick and easy access to the information they need, when they need it, from anywhere.


  • Land Records Management
  • Vital Records Management
  • Permits & Licenses
Information Access

Government Transparency Software

GovOS Information Access delivers better transparency through access to information. These cloud-based applications provide some of the most powerful search and retrieval functionality in government software. Information Access is simply the easiest way for citizens and staff to find publicly available information within your municipality.


  • Cloud Search
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Certified Copies
  • eRecording
  • Property Alert
  • Alerts / Notifications
  • FOIA Requests
Online Civic Services

Government Software Services Anytime, Anywhere

Connect with your constituents right where they are. GovOS Online Civic Service applications provide a platform for interfacing with the public and businesses via the Cloud. Point solutions are available for hundreds of workflows within your government and easy deployment provide measurable value in days, not months or years.


  • Application Studio
  • HR Package
  • Procurement Package
  • Remote Marriage License Issuance System
  • Assumed Names
  • Utilities Package
  • Remote Case Filings
  • Lobbyist Package
  • Certified Vitals Request
Business Licensing & Tax

Enable Businesses In Your Jurisdiction

The ecosystem of business licensing is ever expanding. But more licenses and tax ordinances shouldn’t mean more work for your team. On the contrary, GovOS Business Licensing & Tax Filing solutions make it possible to accommodate more lines of revenue from local businesses while actually freeing up staff for more important work.


  • Short-Term Rental Compliance & Tax
  • Business Licensing
  • Tax Filing
  • Lodging Tax Portal
  • State Tax Portals
Community Engagement

Constituent Participation

You have new capabilities to capture public opinion and intent. Our Insights applications are being built to harness input from your constituents, analyze, and report on the conclusions gained. Eliminate layers of abstraction from your people and act with greater confidence and direction.


  • Surveys
  • Polls
Predictive Government

What’s Next in the Digital Transformation Journey

Proactively adjusting your services based on data is what’s next. Our GovOS Predictive Government tools are being designed to leverage technologies like AI and machine-learning to provide next generation analytics of what is likely to happen, what needs must be met, and what people need a voice. With GovOS’ access to the entire scope of local government systems and constituent engagement, we will be able to provide you with intelligence that solves issues before they even exist.

Hundreds of governments rely on GovOS to provide services to more than 20 million citizens yearly.

Bring Government To The People

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