We Want Local Government To Win

Across the country, local governments are working hard to improve the lives of their citizens, as well as their own employees. We are 100% invested in providing governments with innovative solutions and industry-leading services that will help them deliver impactful change in their communities.

Our Customers Come First

Every decision we make comes with one question attached: Will this benefit our customers? Our mission is to provide a customer centric experience throughout our customers’ journey with us:

  • Getting comfortable with our solutions during onboarding 
  • Building a long-term relationship through customer success 
  • Achieving wins that are worthy of celebration and peer recognition 

Government agencies have been winning awards with us for almost 20 years now. We have the highest customer retention rates in our industry because no one works harder than we do to ensure our customers’ success.

Jean Marfizo King Local Award
Bexar County, TX Receives Innovator of the Year award
GovOS Team at a Tradeshow

After Our Customers, It’s All About Our Employees

Every decision we make that is unrelated to our customers comes attached with one question: How will this benefit our employees? Our team is our greatest asset, and we continue to invest heavily in them. At GovOS, we challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves at work and in life. Our employee resource groups (ERG’s) seek to keep our employees informed, educated and active in local community groups that benefit from shared experiences. Doing so has helped us establish a fun and active culture that thrives on positive energy and a purpose-driven mentality.

Help Us Shape Modern Government

At GovOS, we truly believe that together we win. Our team prioritizes empathy when working with each other, and a long-term, mission-driven approach to serving local governments. We respect the hustle and encourage a true life /work balance. Flexible PTO, 401(k) with employer matching, generous paid parental leave, mental health benefits and a remote work environment just to name a few of the benefits we offer to give our team peace of mind that we’ve got their back.

GovOS Team at Dinner
GovOS Solution Consultant Demoing at a Tradeshow

We Also Serve Our Communities

Whether during work or play, we insist on living out the moto no day wasted. GovOS is committed to giving back to the communities we call home. With employees throughout the country, we are developing programs to support local and national causes. No matter the charity or cause we support, we inherently believe that working together, we can make a difference.

Our Core Values

Passionate People Need A North Star

There are five core tenets that we subscribe to each and every day. These help keep our organization aligned, motivated, and moving toward a solution even when faced with the toughest challenges.

Core Value icon - No Day Wasted

Customer Centric

Serve those who serve others

Core Value icon - No Day Wasted

Purpose Driven

What we do matters

Core Value icon - No Day Wasted

Together We Win

Being aligned and working together will always deliver exceptional results

Core Value icon - No Day Wasted

No Day Wasted

Every hour, every day, every week matters

Core Value icon - No Day Wasted

Own It

Take pride in what we deliver as a team

Governments Must Be Able To Solve Complex Problems

At GovOS, we’re working hard and owning it every day to put the right solutions in the hands of the right people who will use digital technology to improve their communities. We’re committed to working with local governments at every step of their digital transformation journey.

GovOS Office Meet and Greet
GovOS Employee Presenting at a Conference

Complex Problems Require Passionate People

Forward-thinking. Agile. Innovative. We are the change we want to see in local government. To effect real change, we’re building a team that moves in lockstep to respond to the ever changing needs of local government.


A History of Innovation

Evolving out of 30+ years of providing public sector services, GovOS has been built with the mission to accelerate the digital transformation for government.

We Focus On Customer Success

We empower every member of our organization to aim higher, think smarter, and do more to help our customers meet increasingly high expectations.

More than 800 cities, counties, and states

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