Bexar County, TX Online Services with GovOS

Bexar County, TX built a first-of-its-kind mobile records unit. Watch this video about how the county uses GovOS to increase productivity with online services.

Bexar County is the fourth largest County in the State of Texas. It’s about 1.95 population. It’s a very diverse city and we do see a lot of rural area in Bexar County. Before we discuss our online services with GovOS, my role comprises overseeing 15 departments, 19 courts, two off-sites and one mobile unit.

I also oversee the beautiful Spanish archive history of Bexar County that goes back to 1699. We built the first-of-its-kind mobile unit, not even knowing this pandemic was going to happen, and it didn’t impact the County Clerk in Bexar County. We literally had 36% in increase in land records.

We saw accessibility to the public for DBAs, but there was a lot of money that came in in grant or in lift funds and so many other ways, and we were able to be open not only in the courthouse, but we mobilized all across Bexar County. Marriages were in high demand because people were scared. They wanted to get married due to merging their life insurances and their medical insurance.

You know, we didn’t know what this pandemic was going to do, but little did the County Clerk and Bexar County know this pandemic was going to happen. And here we were, ready for this pandemic. So with Kofile, we have this amazing system. It’s a cloud-based system.

That’s what made it available for us to go out to the public in our mobile unit. So a cloud-based system works very well. We had no interruptions. And with the cloud-based system that we have, we were able to record all documents that needed to be put to the public and we had no issues.

And we’re excited about that because the city had to go to the actual plaza to record their document, not the Bexar County Clerk. But thanks to Kofile, thanks to their product, you know, it’s been working great and we’ve innovated other projects, you know, partner up with Kofile, and it’s been doing what it’s supposed to.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, if you haven’t looked at the product, if you haven’t really talked to somebody who actually has the product, you really need to. As the Bexar County Clerk in office, coming into office in 2019, I’m so proud to be a partnership, but also to be a county that has, you know, that product, the accessibility, the cloud-based, the search, the process.

It’s so easy and because of the online services with GovOS we’re able to mobilize and move away from the courthouse, but not only through the mobile unit, but also our staff was able to mobilize away from the courthouse. So if you haven’t tried Kofile, if you don’t know anything about Kofile, I would say visit the Bexar County Clerk’s Office or any county that has Kofile as a vendor. In a county of our size, we need to know that we have the best system, the best partnership, the best vendor in place, to make sure that our county is successful because we’re only successful together.

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