Last updated: September 23, 2021

GovOS Business Licensing for Local Government

The process of submitting for a business license with local governments can be tedious and time-consuming. Here's how bringing this service online can help save local governments time and money.
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When a government agency can digitize a form or process, it saves them at least 15 minutes of an employee’s time. That may not seem like a lot on the surface, but added up over time it can make a substantial difference to long-term productivity goals and help government departments become more efficient in their delivery of services to the public. When it comes to business licenses, time is money – both for the department and the citizen. Starting a new business benefits all parties, and it’s important for new business owners to be able to start bringing in revenue as soon as possible. With GovOS business licensing software for government, applicants can breeze through the process without tying up precious time and employees can increase the number of processed applications.

What’s Wrong With the Traditional Licensing Process?

Waiting-in-lineIn-person applications for business licenses add unnecessary strain on both sides. Applicants have to stand in long lines, complete numerous printed forms, and submit stacks of supporting documents that eat up resources and cost both the applicant and the government employee a lot of additional time. Each application must then be analyzed and processed manually, causing a backlog of more complex applications because employees don’t have adequate time to review them efficiently. With longer wait times and fewer applications being processed each quarter, it’s easy to see why applying for a business license is more of a daunting task than an exciting part of a new venture.

How Can Business Licensing Software Help?

GovOS business licensing software removes the strain and makes for far more satisfied employees and citizens. With GovOS business license software, government departments can cut their processing times in half, all while creating a more convenient experience for applicants.

Benefits for Citizens

A new business owner can complete everything online and access services 24/7 when it works best for their schedule. From starting applications and submitting their forms and supporting documents electronically, to paying associated fees from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device, everything is completed remotely in an effort to eliminate the processing bottleneck and environmental impact for which manual paper-based applications are known.

Benefits for Governments

With automated workflows, intelligent routing, enhanced recordkeeping ability, and simultaneous review capabilities, applications and renewals can be processed much faster. This frees up a significant amount of time for government employees and enables departments to become more efficient at serving the public. Employees are afforded more time to focus on complex applications that have more detailed, in-depth review requirements.

Why Choose GovOS for Business Licensing?

Local governments across the country rely on the GovOS Business Licensing and Tax platform to connect with their citizens and improve their services. GovOS Licenses makes it easy to bring processes online, which will save your staff and citizens time spent submitting, processing, and updating various steps in the process. In a world where more services are being offered in a digital format than ever before, there’s never been a better time for governments to enhance their offerings. GovOS business licensing software enables governments to optimize records, enhance access, and build better engagement with their citizens. Contact us today to join over 3,000 government organizations in the United States who have invested in their futures for the sake of efficiency and productivity. Bring government to the people today with GovOS business licensing software.

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