Last updated: November 15, 2023

Calhoun County Launches Cloud Search and Property Alert

Calhoun County, Michigan was recently featured in the news for launching two new digital solutions.
Posted by GovOS Team

The Battle Creek Enquirer announced that Calhoun County has launched a new website, powered by GovOS, to provide residents with access to property, assumed names, marriage, death, and election records. The website is part of the county’s efforts to modernize access to public records, offering features like quick search, advanced search, full-text search, and tutorials for first-time users. Residents can now also purchase certified copies of land records electronically. The system will offer round-the-clock access to public documents, even as new records are added to the database.

The county is also offering a free Property Alert tool for monitoring potential property record fraud. Available at no cost, the tool enables property owners to receive email notifications of any document recorded against their property, reaffirming Calhoun County’s dedication to safeguarding residents’ interests.

Read the full article here.

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