How Dallas County, TX Addresses Cyber Security with GovOS Cloud Records

Cyber security is a major concern for many local governments. Watch this video to learn how Dallas County is addressing cyber security with GovOS Cloud Records.

Cybersecurity is a major concern of mine because local government have been a target to perpetrators for a number of years. The ability to maintain records, it becomes kind of a chess game. What are they gonna do? How are we gonna respond? And one of the most efficient ways to do that is to make sure that all of our records are stored in the cloud and we’re using cloud services.

In the event someone actually does breach your system, it’s not necessary to pay a ransom because all of our systems are backed up. All of our data is backed up. It remains pristine. And so if someone actually hacks into the system and they steal it, it’s not an issue for us, and that saves us having to address disaster recovery or even pay a ransom because we’ve already forecast on how we should address that in the event that that took place.

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