Last updated: August 9, 2021

GovOS Acquires MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs

The integration with the GovOS platform will include MUNIRevs’ automated tax collection and licensing tools, as well as its advanced short-term rental solution.
Posted by Karl Pawlewicz

Austin-based GovOS will integrate Durango-based MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs products and services to better serve local governments across the United States 

Austin, TX, August 9, 2021— GovOS, a company that is accelerating digital transformation for local government, announced today that it has acquired MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs, an industry-leading business tax, licensing, and compliance solution for local governments. The integration with the GovOS platform will include MUNIRevs’ automated tax collection and licensing tools, as well as its advanced short-term rental solution, designed to help local governments capture revenue and reduce risk. 

“Communities succeed when their local governments make it easy to do business. That’s why local governments are investing heavily in digital transformation as competition grows to retain and attract businesses,” said Kevin Lafeber, President of GovOS. “With the addition of MUNIRevs, GovOS provides local governments with a comprehensive suite of digital services they can use to enrich and enhance the lives of residents and businesses alike.” 

Headquartered in Durango, CO, MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs was launched in 2011 to automate business revenue collection for towns, cities, and states across the U.S. To date, the company has attracted 150,000 users across 197,466 active businesses. MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs has helped jurisdictions collect $1.55 billion in online tax payments and fees, while eliminating approximately 95 percent of addressed manual data entry tasks.” 

“We have built cutting-edge technology that has delivered more than $1 billion to our clients,” said Erin Neer, CEO and Founder of MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs. “As part of the GovOS family, we not only hope to scale the value we currently deliver, but also extend the technology we’ve built into a platform that helps local governments at every phase of the digital transformation journey.”  

Michael Crosno, CEO of Kofile, the GovOS parent company, echoes Neer’s sentiment, stating “Adding the MUNIRevs products continues the expansion of our strategy for GovOS, making our solution competitive as a Digital Transformation Platform.” 

Along with helping governments and businesses keep track of licensing and permitting requirements, the new GovOS integrated solution will streamline the collection of sales and lodging taxes with a payment orchestration solution that will extend across all GovOS solutions. 

“Our experience as a MuniRevs customer has been excellent regarding both support and value,” said Alex Jakubiec, Revenue Manager for the Town of Vail, CO. “We have streamlined manual processes for both our staff and our constituents and helped us to adapt to the emerging short-term rental environment. We are optimistic about this step in the growth of the MuniRevs product and team and the extended capabilities GovOS will offer us.”

About GovOS 

GovOS is the leading government digital transformation platform, offering a secure and integrated suite of cloud-based solutions that enable local governments to automate and streamline operations, provide seamless access to resources and information, and deliver cutting-edge digital services to businesses, residents and agencies. 

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Backed by a decade of delivering the highest results to jurisdictions across the nation, MUNIRevs has become the industry standard in secure tax collection and business licensing. Having processed paperless revenue since 2011, MUNIRevs has become the trusted source for payment processing, allowing residents the ease and convenience of on-time payment while helping cities and states eliminate approximately 95% of the manual data entry tasks. 

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