How Bay County, FL Brought New Efficiencies to Tax Compliance Processes

Watch this video to learn how Bay County staff refined existing enforcement processes with GovOS.

After the adoption of GovOS, we’ve actually changed several of our major processes because we’ve gone from being much more scattershot in what we’ve done to being a lot more focused. So now we have dedicated enforcement officers that are going by these lists and working towards individual solutions on just a day-to-day basis.

The onboarding process went very quickly. They were able to work quickly to establish the proper format from our IT department. We were able to draw in elements from our county GIS department, as well as our property appraiser. We were able to select specific areas due to our special taxing jurisdiction through our GIS map and find results specific to our jurisdiction.

The feedback that we’ve received from our staff is that they can have confidence in the accuracy of GovOS’ findings. And the ease that they can run through them to address several different properties in a given day.

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