How Bay County, FL Uses GovOS for Reporting & Data Insights

Watch this video to hear why the county selected a software vendor that could deliver high-quality reporting for better communication and a more accurate picture of the local short-term rental economy.

The reporting that GovOS provides allows for an easier way to communicate what our office is doing to more executive management for board members that want to see what we’re accomplishing on a day-to-day basis because it gives you this big homepage map, really, that’s gonna lay out just a lot of data in one picture that shows how active our local rental economy is, where the hot spots are, stuff that management specifically wants to see.

Using the properties tabs or advertisement tabs, lets us focus on any suspect property directly. We can pull a name or a parcel number, put that into the search bar at the top of either one of those tabs, and it will take us exactly to that property. It will show us all of the evidence, give us links to those pages, it can instantly make the decision as to whether we’re actively pursuing a property or if there’s not any evidence that this has ever been a rental. And being able to make that decision, just going down the line, just cuts out a lot of time of having to dig around.

Whenever you can work with a large data set and be sure of its accuracy and have ways that you can filter it to make it directly usable for things like mass mail merges, tracking logs for suspects and follow-up, those are the things you want to consider most directly, and we feel like GovOS has given us a data set that we’re able to work with easily.

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