How Clark County, OH Brought Records Online with Staff-Friendly Software and Training

Watch this video to learn how the County Recorder's Office adopted the GovOS Land Recording solution to improve the document recording and indexing process.

We’ve been with GovOS since 2018. I have been with the Recorder’s office for thirteen years. When I started, we were indexing from paper, which was a longer process. We record approximately 19,000 documents a year. We started with the GovOS program. We are indexing from glass, which took a little adjusting to get used to, but now we really like it.

We have made many improvements as far as recording and the technology. Now we have so many records online that they don’t even have to come into the office.

The process for the Clark County Recorder’s Office has always been a 24-hour turnaround, but with the new process, it does make it quicker.
There are times that we were working into the late afternoon, working on the previous day’s documents. We’re now early morning. We’re usually done with the complete process.

The GovOS application is very user-friendly. We’re a small office. We have five staff members, but we have different computer skills. And each one of us are able to use the GovOS application without any issue. One of the things that we really liked when we decided to go with GovOS, was they brought in computers, and we were able to practice and use the system before we actually went live with the system. And that made the entire office felt very good about that.

We love to talk about improvements that we make, and we like to see people enjoy what they’re doing. And I think that with GovOS, it makes a real good team. Anything we can do to improve the service, we want to be there for the customers. They like to be waited on and they like to be served and that’s what we’re here for. That’s what we do best.

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