How Franklin County, OH Supports the Safe at Home Program

Watch this video to learn how the Franklin County Recorder's Office worked with GovOS to implement a confidential document type that enables them to shield domestic violence victims' personal information from public view.

Working with GovOS has been fantastic. Our IT staff has a tremendous relationship with them. Any time an issue comes up, it’s addressed quickly. It’s addressed in a professional way. We enjoy interacting with the staff at GovOS. They do a fantastic job of answering any questions we have.

And then we’re always excited to see what’s next because we’ve implemented some new technology over the past few years, and implementing new technology isn’t easy. It’s oftentimes hard, but it’s been as seamless as it could be in working with GovOS, and we’re excited about that.

Our internal process is an unknown process, but it’s very smooth. Occasionally, you have something come up like the Safe at Home program. It’s a program here in Ohio that protects domestic violence victims. If you’re a police officer, prosecuting attorney, EMT, you can fill out what’s called a redaction request form for redacting information online. Domestic violence victims were not eligible for that.

However, the safe at home program allows domestic violence victims to shield their name and their address from the public. The Ohio Recorders’ Association worked with the state legislature to implement House Bill ninety-three that takes it a step further to protect domestic violence victims. However, they don’t know how our system works all the time. Working with GovOS, we were able to come up with a solution to further protect these domestic violence victims.

We came up with a confidential document type. There wasn’t a confidential document type before. Our IT folks worked with GovOS’ IT folks to implement this process to be able to shield address, name, legal description, any information from our publicly-viewable system.

We had individuals that called in our office. ‘Thank you so much for finally doing this. We’ve been trying to get something like this implemented for years. I can shield my name from the board of elections. I can shield my name at the post office, but the County Recorder’s office has all of my documents, and my information was publicly-viewable. I’m scared of my former partner, my former spouse, whoever else.’ Now, we’re able to protect those victims.

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