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How Grayson County, TX Expanded Access to Digital Records and Online Services for Citizens and Staff

With the number of land record recordings continuing to rise each year, Grayson County’s digitization efforts have proven effective at increasing accessibility and improving overall efficiencies within county processes.


Located near the Oklahoma border, 60 miles north of the City of Dallas, Grayson County, Texas has been drawing new residents in increasing numbers in recent years. With the addition of a new $30 billion Texas Instruments manufacturing facility set to open as early as 2025, Grayson County has been developing plans to accommodate the continued growth in population that’s expected in the lead-up to and after the opening of the facility.

At the forefront of efforts to expand access to online services for the growing county is County Clerk Deana Patterson who has observed a sharp increase in the number of land record recordings each year. To learn how their digitization efforts have had an impact on the county, we sat down with Deana and Chief Deputy Yolanda Stephens to talk about the office’s experience with GovOS and how initiatives, such as their digitization of processes, factor into their plans for the future.

Grayson County, TX
"We can process requests without requiring paper applications and without having to sort through our records and then print something out. It’s so much easier to just hit a button and there it is, and it reduces the time people spend in our office."


Deana Patterson
County Clerk

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June 2017

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  • 2019: 31,738
  • 2020: 36,777
  • 2021: 44,410

How did the county get started digitizing records?

Before GovOS, Grayson County had been using an antiquated system with limited digital capabilities. One of the county’s goals had been to continue digitizing processes and bringing more services online to offer more convenience to citizens. Since moving to GovOS, we have digitized thousands of records and we now have all of our indexes online. Eliminating paper processes is always a big deal and the GovOS system is very different from our old one. We love how it works!

How has having an online system helped with population growth?

With the influx of new residents into Grayson County, the number of records we process has increased. GovOS has helped us maintain our efficiency and efficacy without increasing our staff numbers. We expect the number of records we process each year to continue to increase exponentially, however, we feel confident our staff will be well-equipped to accommodate our exciting population growth.

We know the opening of the new Texas Instruments facility is going to have a major impact on the county and we anticipate the number of submissions will continue to climb in the years ahead. Just as our communities are working to ensure we have the housing to accommodate the thousands of new jobs the facility will bring, our office is working to ensure we have the infrastructure to accommodate the changes to our own workload.

Has having records available online resulted in new revenue for the county?

Yes, it absolutely has, and that money goes back towards improvements that have an impact on our community as well as our own internal systems. Digitizing our records processes means we haven’t had to hire new staff, or reallocate existing staff, to back scan records. That’s a huge cost savings for us, and it’s also freed up some of our limited office space, giving us the room to make much-needed renovations to our staff’s workstations.

Grayson County Property Records Employees
Property Records
Grayson County Vital Records Employees
Vital Records

Have you heard any feedback about bringing services online?

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the community so far, especially having all our deeds online and the option to eFile.

Our citizens like being able to do things from the comfort of their own homes, like submit requests for records or eFile. Of course, for those who aren’t as comfortable with computers, we continue to offer in-person services. But for certain processes, like our marriage license applications, it now only takes 15-20 minutes to complete the submission process and we often hear that people like the new GovOS system for its search capabilities because it’s much easier to find what they’re looking for.

For our staff, the system expedites overall processing time. We can process requests without requiring paper applications and without having to sort through our records and then print something out. It’s so much easier to just hit a button and there it is, and it reduces the time people spend in our office.

Have you talked to other agencies looking to implement this type of system?

Yes, other counties have visited our office to observe our system and have been impressed with how smoothly we process births, deaths, marriage licenses, and land records. We’ve digitized a lot of legacy paper processes, so we feel it’s important to show other counties what’s possible, and how they can improve life for their citizens and staff by moving to a digital records solution.

There’s nothing out there that compares to the GovOS Records system—that’s why we chose it. After seeing our system, others have ultimately ended up choosing GovOS as well.

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