Last Updated: March 16, 2022

Midland, TX Launches GovOS Property Fraud Alert System

New offering ensures citizens are better protected from property fraud
Posted by Karl Pawlewicz
aerial view of the city of Midland, TX

Midland, TX, March 16, 2022The County of Midland, TX recently announced that the county has launched a new property fraud alert system powered by GovOS, the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments. This new system will safeguard citizens against property record fraud and help ensure they know the status of their property is in order. 

GovOS Property Fraud Alert Systems enables citizens to subscribe to property record alerts and notifies them via email any time a document is recorded with their name on it. There is no cost to citizens to subscribe for this service, and there is no limit to the number of alerts a person can create.  

“Today we’re proud to announce the rollout of our new Property Fraud Alert System from GovOS,” said Alison Haley, County Clerk for Midland. “This added layer of protection for our community will help eliminate home title theft and give our citizens peace of mind that the land they own cannot be tampered with. GovOS has been a tremendous partner to us in this implementation and launch and we are confident that folks will find it easy to register and helpful in the event of any suspicious activity.”

Any newly-recorded document that triggers an alert will send an email within hours of the filing. The email will contain a link to the document in question. If that document looks suspicious, citizens can then contact local law enforcement, as well as their attorney, to take further action. 

“Many citizens ask if home title theft is still a real problem. Sadly, it is, and people are using more advanced technology than ever before to commit these crimes,” said Ed Kerkow, Senior Vice President of Software Operations for GovOS. “We’ve built the GovOS Property Fraud Alert System on our extensive experience helping local governments. As such, it safeguards against a wide range of technology and tactics that we’ve seen, while offering constant monitoring and protection against any kind of nefarious activity. We’re proud to protect the records of Midland County, TX and its citizens.” 

Citizens who wish to subscribe for this service can go to: https://midland.tx.publicsearch.us/

For more information about GovOS Property Fraud Alert, go to: https://govos.com/official-public-records/

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