Records on the Run with Bexar County, TX

Bexar County, TX developed the award-winning Records on the Run program to transport records to citizens throughout the county. Watch this video to learn how the county increased accessibility with the help of GovOS.

Due to COVID-19, there’s limited access to our constituents. We have essential services that are needed for people to survive in the economy right now.

The Records on the Run was something that was created by my staff, but the actual van was already here when I came into office. So we use existing vehicle that was used to transport records from the courthouse to the records center. It is very easy, very convenient, we use existing staff. We go and we mobilize and we can station anywhere in Bexar County. We are able to provide services to individuals that need a DD214, a marriage license, a DBA, assumed name, a cattle brand and so much more. It is our responsibility to provide these services to our community.

Our ability to provide and support this mobile unit solution is that Kofile provides our records management system, which is called Vanguard, and it is a native-cloud-based system. And that gives us a lot of flexibility because we’re able to operate instantly with these mobile units.

It’s just a hotspot, a scanner, a printer, and the computer. Our land records are up like 5%. We’re supposed to be down because of COVID. We’re not because of our mobile satellite. We were able to move fast on this project, and it only took six months because it was very inexpensive and it was very convenient. And it helps when you have a good communication and a good relationship with your vendor. We are very pleased with Kofile services and we are very blessed to have their technology and able to create better ways of doing business.

And we have not failed, because we have Kofile as a vendor to the Bexar County Clerk’s Office. The way I see it is we are doing the right thing. We are providing the services that are needed despite COVID. We’ve created an innovative way of providing business. There is no county clerk in the State of Texas that has mobilized the way we do. Kofile has really took charge and has partnered up and has walked beside us and makes sure that we’re successful anywhere we go in Bexar County.

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