Last updated: July 29, 2022

GovOS Studio in Action: Gilbert, Arizona

Highlights from our recent conversations with the Customer Service Manager of Gilbert, AZ show three ways digitization has benefited the town.
Posted by Marcy Swisher

The GovOS team had the opportunity to sit down with Customer Service Manager Leslie Giltner of Gilbert, Arizona on more than one occasion this year to learn how she and her team are using GovOS Application Studio.

You can view a recording of our recent live event featuring Leslie (above) or read highlights from our conversations to find out how the town’s digitization efforts are making an impact.

1. Saving Time and Money

Why did you decide to go with GovOS and what was the catalyst to start digitizing?
Once we saw firsthand how the product works, we decided it would be a perfect fit for our autopay process. Before GovOS, customers had to fill out a paper form, attach a check then mail or bring it to us in person. Now, we have an online form that customers can fill out at home and we immediately receive the submission.

Because we eliminated that paper usage and the information is uploaded electronically, we estimate we saved about $4,200 a month just in staff time. That alone made it worth our while.

2. Improving the Customer Experience

Can you share some of the features you find most useful?
My favorite GovOS feature is conditional formatting where, for example, if a customer selects “yes” or “no” on a form, based on their answer, it jumps to the next applicable question without forcing them to wade through each one. There is logic built into our application workflows, which is awesome.

Customers really like having applications online and receiving an email once their application has been processed. Most people don’t want to have to print an application, fill it out then mail it in and wait for a response. Our customers are very happy with the processes we have in place now.

Application FormBusiness License Application

3. Increasing Efficiencies for Staff

How has usage of the platform expanded over the years?
A lot of internal forms have been implemented so staff can just fill one out and it automatically goes to the correct department once submitted. That has made everything very efficient because we have all the information in one place and the form is routed accordingly. We also use required fields so nothing gets missed as it can with paper forms.

For external forms, staff can easily see any new submissions from customers and begin processing them. The system is much more customer-friendly all around and we’ve saved a lot of staff hours.

Key Takeaways

If you hadn’t implemented GovOS, what would you be doing right now?
When we first started with GovOS, we had a specific idea in mind about how to use it but over the years that evolved and we expanded our use of the system. So many things change in the industry and new forms need to be created. Knowing I can easily jump in and create one to fit the need is great.

If my department had not implemented GovOS Studio, we would have a lot of paper forms still floating around, our customers would have longer wait times, and we would need more staff to process the paperwork for our growing community. For anyone who might be considering moving their forms online, I would definitely suggest they take a look at GovOS Studio.

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