Tarrant County, TX Reduction in Cost and Time with GovOS Remote Marriage Application

As the third largest county in Texas, Tarrant experiences a high volume of marriage license applications. Watch this video to learn how the GovOS Remote Marriage License Issuance System saves them time and money.

In vital records office, off the street, somebody comes in who’s not using any even of our partial, technology. You’re gonna come into our office. You’re gonna walk up to a counter, and you’re gonna get a marriage license application.

You’re gonna fill that out. Then you’re gonna wait your turn, walk up to our clerk who’s gonna retype that information into our system. Then the clerk is gonna ask for your photo IDs. We’re gonna verify those photo IDs and then we’re going to administer and ask for you to swear and attest to the information before you.

We double-check that information. We take your payment, and then we issue the marriage license. It is the most heavily used process in the vital records. So it’s really all hands on deck. And, it is a crowded place in Tarrant County, being the third largest county in Texas.

So with the remote, we anticipate with the applications, the appointments, we’re able to minimize that time and put that senior staff and management on other projects. That process that typically takes 25 or 30 minutes in our office, we’re gonna reduce it down to 10 to 15 minutes. To be able to save money and time at our counter is what makes us feel great about new technology, and our partnership, and being able to deliver it first in Texas here in Tarrant County.

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