Tarrant County, TX Staff Experience with Remote Marriage Licensing

Tarrant County, TX processes around 5,500 marriage license applications each month. Watch this video to hear about the staff experience using the GovOS Remote Marriage License Issuance System.

The staff experience for the remote marriage license, let me just say, we had our first remote marriage license application, and the excitement that the couple actually projected onto our team, just created this incredible first experience between the clerk and the couple that was receiving the remote marriage license.

They made comments like, “Wow, we can’t believe we’re the first in the state of Texas to receive a remote marriage license.” And you could see that with the clerk who processed that. Just the energy and the excitement, knowing we can process and offer this in any place, any time, across the country to our military personnel and our citizens of Tarrant County.

And it’s just for our team, it’s just a new beginning and just a lot of excitement. It’s exciting to get a marriage license. It’s exciting to find your lifelong partner and to be able to come in the office and do it in person, or to be able to sit somewhere in another part of the country and wanna be married in Texas.

Our team is truly, in these first few days, able to see that excitement, and they’ve embraced it.

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