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How Local Governments Can Simplify the Business Licensing Process

Join us for a conversation with GovOS’ Chief Strategy Officer, Erin Neer, to learn about the challenges business licensing poses to local governments and how agencies can streamline licensing processes in their jurisdiction.

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What will you learn?

  • Why more government agencies are turning to digital solutions for business licensing
  • What successes and challenges government agencies are dealing with
  • What trends are predicted for the months ahead
  • How jurisdictions can improve engagement with local business owners
  • Q&A featuring your questions!

Meet the Speakers

Erin Neer

Chief Strategy Officer, GovOS

Erin Neer has extensive experience in municipal finance, having spent more than 20 years in the field. As a CPA, and former finance director for a town in Colorado, she realized the business licensing and tax collections processes were archaic. Businesses were still manually processing applications and submitting paper coupons to remit their taxes — even worse, city staff then had to handle that mail, key in the data, and make a deposit to the bank. So, Erin created a solution: GovOS Business Licensing and Tax.

More than 800 cities, counties, and states use GovOS to modernize transactions for citizens and businesses.

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