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GovOS Cloud Search provides a Google-like interface that simplifies searching for users not familiar with land records, and an advanced search option for users who need access to detailed search option functionality. GovOS Cloud Search makes it easy for searchers to organize results using tabbed results, results grids that are sortable and resizable, and highlighted line items so searchers can quickly see which records they’ve already opened.

Government records search engine for official public records search
GovOS Cloud Search Property Alert dashboard

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GovOS Cloud Search gives citizens and staff a direct path to the public information they need.


Full OCR Search


Full OCR Search

Searchers who only have a text fragment can still find and review relevant records.

Tabbed Results

Tabbed Results

Make it easy for searchers to organize results using tabbed results, and results grids that are sortable and resizable.


Blazing Speed


Blazing Speed

Cloud Search can comb hundreds of millions of records and return results in seconds, with no artificial search limits.

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More Than Just Search



Data collected by GovOS Cloud Search is cloud-based and protected by SSL protocols resistant to hacks and ransomware.


Additional Departments

The GovOS Search engine can be made available to every department in a municipality, so citizens can search for records on foreclosures, marriage licenses, business licenses, and so much more!


Certified Copies Online

Cloud Search provides not only record indicators, but also access to certified copies of official records. If payments are allowed and configured, these records are obfuscated until after purchase and then made available for download. With Cloud Search, you can cut down in-office visits for these documents by up to 80%.

“In a county our size, we need to know we have the best system, the best partnership, the best vendor in place to make sure that our county is successful, because we are only successful together.”

Lucy Adame-Clark, County Clerk

Bexar County, TX
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