Property Alert

Monitoring for Peace of Mind

An online voluntary subscription tool that aids in the detection of possible fraudulent activity regarding documents filed in offices where land records are maintained.

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Key Outcomes for GovOS Land Recording Customers

This valuable and necessary convenience can help combat fraud by allowing property owners to sign up for recording alerts using either their names or by searching for their last known recorded document, and building alerts based on that document’s available data, including Owner Names, Property ID/Parcel Number and/or its Legal Description. When a document is recorded that references any of these selected alerts, the system will email the subscriber, with links to all newly recorded documents that meet their alert criteria.

How to Get Notified of Possible Fraud

Property Alert email notification

Empower Your Management

Property Alert allows for self-managed accounts, where the subscriber can review or remove any or all alerts


Stay Informed

Property owners can create custom, automated alerts that will be emailed to them when a document is recorded containing their name, the property’s ID number (where used), parcel number (where used), or legal description


Maximize Monitoring

More than one automated alert can be created under the same account

Download the GovOS Property Alert Application Overview

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Create a Property Alert from a Personal or Entity Name

Set up a property alert by entering a name or multiple names. Optionally include alternate spelling variations.

Property Alert creation setup
Property Alert creation from a document

Create a Property Alert from a Public Document

Search for a document and set up a property alert based on that document’s information.

“GovOS really took charge and partnered up. They have walked besides us and made sure we are successful anywhere we go in Bexar County.”

Lucy Adame-Clark, County Clerk

Bexar County, TX
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