Remote Marriage for Government

Deliver a Seamless Experience to Couples With Online Marriage Licensing Services

This first-of-its-kind platform can be used by local governments to provide constituents with a marriage licensing process that is fully remote, from application to certificate issuance.

Remote Marriage Licensing Software for Online Marriage Licensing Services
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Enable Couples to Complete the Entire Process Online

The GovOS Remote Marriage License Issuance System will give your citizens the ability to submit marriage license applications from anywhere at any time. This includes giving a clerk the ability to take an oath from applicants over a video call to eliminate the need for in-person interaction. This application digitizes and automates the entire marriage application workflow for both the applicants and the clerk.


Online Convenience

Citizens initiate the process by submitting their application online. Here they enter personal information, choose a day and time for their online oath, attach a payment, and submit. Later in the process, couples and clerks make the application official by adding their eSignatures.


Built-In Scheduling

Scheduling is handled within the same platform – no need to install another piece of software. GovOS connects with your team’s schedule to only show appointment times that are actually available. When a constituent picks a time, it is automatically blocked on your staff’s calendar.


Built-In Video

When it’s time for the review and oath process to take place, all parties will then log in to a built-in video platform. This online session ensures clerks can take real-time oaths, making the process legally binding.


License Issuance & Recording

Once the oath process is complete, a license is issued and can be either mailed or held for pickup. When integrated with GovOS Vital Recordings, GovOS automatically files a recording of the entire affair so clerks have a record to refer back to if need be.

“To be able to save money and time at our counter is what makes us feel great about new technology.”

Mary Louise Nicholson
Tarrant County Clerk, TX

Download the GovOS Remote Marriage License Issuance System Overview

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The GovOS Remote Marriage License Issuance System enables couples to complete their marriage license application without having to come into the office, and ensures that your agency is still compliant with local regulations.





Fully functional on any mobile device or desktop computer.


Flexible Automation


Flexible Automation

Capable of adapting to accommodate local and state regulatory rules.





Cloud-based, federal-grade security encrypts and protects data in motion and at rest.

“With the GovOS Remote Marriage License Issuance System, we can have a clerk meet virtually with a couple and complete the entire process in 15 minutes. It saves my staff time, it ensures everyone’s safety, and it enables us to serve anybody anywhere in Pennsylvania.”

Jean King, Clerk of Orphans' Court

Dauphin County, PA
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