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Short-Term rental Solution

Dynamic software solutions for
short-term rental compliance, licensing and tax collection

Enable and manage STRs while building a stronger community

The GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution is a comprehensive software suite backed by industry experts and enhanced support. With a multitude of use cases focusing on community and economic impact of short-term rentals, the GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution offers compliance, registration/permitting, tax collection and a 24/7 complaint hotline.

Short Term Rental Compliance
Success Story

Watch how the Small Village of Bald Head Island, NC Manages an Influx of 10,000 Visitors Every Summer


Enable the emerging shared-economy happening in your jurisdiction. Connect with the short-term rental market and ensure every rental is a great experience for the renters and the community.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Collect revenue that was previously unregulated. All through a paperless, automated system.
Community Preservation

Community Preservation

A safe, fun, and enjoyable rental experience can coincide with a great community reality. Enable your short-term rental regulations to effectively achieve both.
Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Safety

Real-time notifications to all property owners allow quick resolutions to issues and enable adjustments in procedures to happen immediately.
GovOS STR complaints dashboard

Watch a series of demos on how GovOS Short-Term Rentals can work for you

No matter your ordinance structure or existing regulations, the Short-Term Rental Software can be configured to meet your community’s unique needs.


Our proprietary identification system is enhanced by an expert property review team ensuring every property has human eye verification.


Expert review teams and automation crosscheck every listing with local government to ensure they meet all requirements of compliance.


Online property owner/manager task portal allows new and renewal licensing of all short-term rentals with streamlined business user workflows.

Tax Filing

Seamless paperless tax collection ensures there’s no delay in payment. With state-vetted tax collection security and the highest level of support in the industry, collecting payments from your property owners has never been easier.

24/7 Bilingual Hotline

Our hotline helps community members have a voice in short-term rental accountability.

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“I love the format that GovOS provides with proof someone is operating a rental. We can follow up with them and create a paper trail to show exactly why we did what we did. We had no way of doing that before and we’re so grateful to have the tool.”

Rob Mitchell, Assessor of Property

Rutherford County, TN

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