Short-Term Rental Solution

Dynamic Solutions for Short-Term Rental Compliance, Registration, and Taxation

The GovOS Short-Term Rental (STR) solution is a comprehensive solution, providing end-to-end support for compliance management, ensuring sustainable regulation and a vibrant community.

Customers utilizing GovOS STR identify 98% of all STR properties and achieve a compliance rate of over 90% on average.

Short Term Rental Compliance

In their first year with GovOS, one customer achieved a 93% compliance rate and generated over $8.8 million in tax revenue and licensing fees.

But what sets GovOS apart isn’t just the results—it’s the adaptability. GovOS can configure the system to match your local ordinances, ensuring accurate compliance for properties and operators so you can rest easy knowing that requirements are being met.

In addition to streamlining regulatory compliance, the GovOS solution also enables efficient enforcement of local ordinances. This results in a more straightforward process for both regulators and operators, making it easier for everyone involved.

Key Outcomes

GovOS empowers jurisdictions by providing visibility into the following:

  • ^Tax Revenue Loss
  • ^Ordinance Non-Compliance
  • ^STR Inspection and Licenses
  • ^Health and Safety Concerns
Short-Term Rental dashboard mock product

Unmatched Property Identification

Identify 98% of all STRs with a solution that vets every listing using human-eye verification to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Skyrocket Compliance Rates

Achieve a 90%+ compliance rate in your community.


Boost Revenue

Collect previously missed revenue through one paperless, automated system.

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Success Story

How the Small Village of Bald Head Island, NC Manages an Influx of 10,000 Visitors Every Summer

Enable and Manage STRs While Building a Stronger Community

Watch a series of demos to learn more about the GovOS Short-Term Rental solution.

GovOS STR complaints dashboard

Key Features


Streamline Registration, Licensing & Renewals


Streamline Registration, Licensing & Renewals

Centralize and simplify the property registration, licensing, and renewal processes.


Seamless Owner Communication


Seamless Owner Communication

Easily connect with property owners and manage community impacts.


24/7 Bilingual Hotline


24/7 Bilingual Hotline

Take charge with our 24/7 bilingual hotline for efficient complaint management.

“I love the format that GovOS provides with proof someone is operating a rental. We can follow up with them and create a paper trail to show exactly why we did what we did. We had no way of doing that before and we’re so grateful to have the tool.”

Rob Mitchell, Assessor of Property

Rutherford County, TN
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