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Single Filing Portal

Maintain local authority and timely cash flow of taxes while providing businesses with bulk filing capabilities 

The GovOS Single Filing Portal allows jurisdictions with a locally administered tax to maintain their local authority while providing a single filing experience for businesses to remit through. 

Simplify Tax Remittance 

The GovOS Single Filing Portal answers a growing need for an efficient, easy-to-use platform that transforms how citizens and businesses remit to their local government. 

Secure Collection

Payments are remitted via a state-vetted SOC 2-certified platform. All data processed through the portal is held to the highest level of security. 

Daily Tax Deposits

Collectors receive daily, electronic deposits from the portal as business monies clear into the agency’s trust account.

Maintain Local Authority 

Collectors maintain their own system of record along with all existing processes and systems. 

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The GovOS Single Filing Portal solves the problem of the multi-jurisdictional taxpayer while protecting the local collector’s authority.

The portal provides timely cash flow of taxes to collectors as it transmits taxpayer funds electronically to each local entity as soon as funds are available. 

Direct Deposits 

Save staff time with funds deposited directly into the jurisdiction’s account through secure technology vetted by state agencies.  

Ease of Collection 

Make filing easier for the taxpayer and the jurisdiction can collect revenue that may have been missed before. 

One-Click Reporting 

Enable transparency across all tax remittances with extensive reporting capabilities available at the click of a button. 

How it Works

Collector maintains System of Record and All Current Processes

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