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Tax Filing

Increase your revenue stream with municipal tax collection software

Local government tax filing software

Reduce the amount of valuable staff time spent processing paper tax filings

Transform traditional paper-based tax collection into one streamlined, paperless process. With the GovOS Tax Filing system, your staff no longer has to spend time checking for math errors or calculating missed revenue due to penalties or interest. Our system automatically collects every dollar in real time.


Make your local businesses happy with headache-free filing so they can get back to thriving!

Paperless Remittance

Paperless Remittance

Use our online filing system to reduce your jurisdiction’s paper processing by 95%.

Expert Support

Export Support

Your jurisdiction staff and your taxpayers can count on the expertise of our U.S.-based support team.

Extensive Reporting

Extensive Reporting

Access detailed reports in real time and view all remittance data as soon as it’s submitted.

Download Our One Pager On Tax Filing Software

Access our application guide on how GovOS can transform how your government operates.

Now it’s easier than ever to take tax filing online with the GovOS Tax Filing system.

With a user-friendly interface and customizable workflows, nearly all tax filing structures can be transferred to an online format, providing a smooth experience for both your staff and your taxpayers.

Receive Funds in Real Time

Never wait on payments to be processed and deposited. Funds are remitted in real time with no delay from payment to bank account.

Automate Fee Adjustments

With automation fueling your collections, business users are required to remit all funds and fee calculations without anything left behind.

“I love the format that GovOS provides with proof someone is operating a rental. We can follow up with them and create a paper trail to show exactly why we did what we did. We had no way of doing that before and we’re so grateful to have the tool.”

Rob Mitchell, Assessor of Property

Rutherford County, TN

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