Service Level and Support Services Agreement

*Capitalized terms utilized but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in GovOS’s Terms of Use, which can be found at

1. Cloud Availability, Support, Maintenance and Service Level Targets.

(a) Cloud Availability Level. GovOS will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide 99.5% Services availability measured per calendar quarter (the “Reporting Period”). Services availability is measured monthly by subtracting from 100% the total percentage of 5-minute periods during the Reporting Period for which there is no external connectivity and the applicable Services do not respond to data requests (“unavailability”), unless such unavailability results from an Exclusion.

The term “Exclusion” means Planned Maintenance (defined below), interruptions or delays in providing the Services resulting from telecommunications or Internet service provider failures or any third-party’s acts, errors or omissions or any systems not provided by GovOS, including Platform, computer, telecommunications, internet service provider or hosting facility failures or delays involving hardware, software or power systems not within GovOS’s possession or reasonable control, and denial of service attacks against internet infrastructure providers (“DDOS”).

The term “Planned Maintenance” means those times GovOS will require that business critical components of the Services be taken offline for deployment of releases, latest security patches, or applying network/infrastructure changes for service improvement maintenance. GovOS will make all reasonable efforts to not perform any Planned Maintenance during Business Hours (defined below). GovOS will provide Customers with reasonable advance notice of any Planned Maintenance.

(b) Customer Support. As part of the Agreement, GovOS will provide standard support to Customers. Support resources are available via e-mail or phone from 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday (“Business Hours”), excluding holidays. Support includes questions surrounding how to use a feature within a Service. It also includes troubleshooting any issues an Authorized User runs into through bugs or product deficiencies. Support does not include consulting services such as achieving a Customer’s end-to-end goals, modifying the overall workflow associated with a Customer’s use of a Service, or high-level accomplishment needs (the foregoing are referred to herein as “Professional Services”). GovOS will prepared a Proposal for Professional Services and present the same to the Customer for acceptance prior to performing Professional Services.

(c) Maintenance. Services provided to Customers are cloud-hosted solutions where maintenance and improvements are being rolled out to platforms as they are developed. While some of these improvements enhance a Customer’s user experience and are noticeable changes to the platform, others are performance related and work behind the scenes. Licenses to Services include access to these improvements as well as continued maintenance to the Services.

(d) Service Response Level. GovOS will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet or exceed the following service level targets:


Severity Level: Description: Response Target*: Resolution Target:
Priority 0(P0) Total loss of system functionality. Significant loss or corruption of data or images. Within 15 minutes Within 8-10 hours
Priority 1(P1) Significant loss of functionality preventing business goals from being attained. Workaround not acceptable. Within 2 Business Hours Within 14 business days
Priority 2(P2) Anomalies in system function or administration that require assistance. Non-urgent product issue or question. Within 8 Business Hours Within 14-21 business days
Priority 3(P3) Minor, temporary, or infrequent issues that affect a limited number of users. Administration issues or questions that are not urgent. Within 12 Business Hours To be determined by the product team based on level of effort and workload.

*The calculation of Response Target time periods commences once GovOS acknowledges receipt of a Support request during Business Hours.


2. Support Contact Information.


Solution Name: Support Email: Support Phone #: Help Center URL:
GovOS Studio 855-777-3265
Short-Term Rental 888-751-1911 Collateral Provided by Support
Bulk Data Access 833-456-3453
Records and Cloud Applications 833-456-3453
Tax Solutions 888-751-1911 Collateral Provided by Support
Business Licensing 888-751-1911 Collateral Provided by Support


3. Data Backup.

The Services do not replace the need for a Customer to maintain regular data backups or redundant data archives. GOVOS HAS NO OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS, ALTERATION, DESTRUCTION, DAMAGE, CORRUPTION, OR RECOVERY OF CUSTOMER DATA.