Short-Term Rental Solutions for Arizona Communities

Arizona Senate Bill 1168 gives local governments the opportunity to take a holistic approach to short-term rentals (STRs) in their jurisdiction. GovOS is here to help you build long-term solutions for short-term rentals. We understand the delicate balance at play between different community stakeholders. Accordingly, we take an industry-leading and fully comprehensive approach to supporting AZ municipalities through their STR management journey.

With GovOS, agency staff, local property owners or managers, and STR neighbors can all benefit. Start your short-term rental management journey today with a complimentary assessment of your STR market.

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Short-Term Rental Management for Arizona

At GovOS, we partner with municipalities that want to strengthen their relationship with the community and make it easy for property owners to interact with local government.

The GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution saves government staff time by accurately matching 99% of properties with a physical address and streaming the outreach efforts to properties that are non-compliant. For Arizona municipalities, this means that not only will you know where short-term rentals are; you’ll know who is managing them and you’ll have their emergency contact information on hand.

In addition to robust identification capability, local governments are enabled to make datadriven decisions that provide predictable health, safety, and welfare standards for your community through the strong partnerships that GovOS has with Rent Responsibly, Breezeway, and NoiseAware.  

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As Arizona communities implement solutions enabled by SB1168, GovOS is offering local government agencies exclusive pricing and partner resources designed to assist with best practices, good neighbor education and community preservation.

From advice on how to develop an STR ordinance to discounts on noise monitoring technology for local STR operators, check out these GovOS-exclusive benefits for Arizona communities.

With You Every Step Of The Way

GovOS brings increased efficiency and a smarter workflow to staff and officials in every part of government.

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Tour the short-term rental compliance, licensing, and tax collection solution

No matter your ordinance structure or existing regulations, GovOS Short-Term Rental software can be configured to meet your community’s unique needs.


Our proprietary identification system is enhanced by an expert property review team ensuring every property has human eye verification.


Expert review teams and automation crosscheck every listing with local government to ensure they meet all requirements of compliance.


Online property owner/manager task portal allows new and renewal licensing of all short-term rentals with streamlined business user workflows.

Tax Filing

Seamless paperless tax collection ensures there’s no delay in payment. With state-vetted tax collection security and the highest level of support in the industry, collecting payments from your property owners has never been easier.

24/7 Bilingual Hotline

Our hotline helps community members have a voice in short-term rental accountability.

Questions to Ask When Considering Short-Term Rental Management Solutions

Making the decision to bring in a new short-term rental management solution is a big undertaking.

This checklist will help you get started and ensure you’re asking all of the right questions to providers as you do your due diligence on a range of topics from security to support, partner resources, reporting, and scope of experience.

Get your copy of “Questions to ask when considering a STR Management Solution” now.


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