Greetings from Florida: Generating Long-Term Revenue from Short-Term Rentals

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Identify properties, increase compliance, and preserve the community.

Short-Term Rental Solution for Florida Counties

Dynamic software solutions for Florida counties to increase short-term rental compliance rates, licensing, and tax collection.

The GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution is a comprehensive software suite backed by industry experts and enhanced with a top-of-the-line customer support team. With a number of use cases in Florida communities, the GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution offers compliance, registration/permitting, tax collection, and a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline.

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Success Story

How Okaloosa County, FL Uses the GovOS Business Licensing & Tax Application to Collect and Manage Over $30M in Annual Tourist Development Taxes

No matter your ordinance structure or existing regulations, the Short-Term Rental Software can be configured to meet your community’s unique needs.



Our proprietary identification system is enhanced by an expert property review team ensuring every property has human eye verification.



Expert review teams and automation crosscheck every listing with local government to ensure they meet all requirements of compliance.



Online property owner/manager task portal allows new and renewal licensing of all short-term rentals with streamlined business user workflows.


Tax Filing

Seamless paperless tax collection ensures there’s no delay in payment. With state-vetted tax collection security and the highest level of support in the industry, collecting payments from your property owners has never been easier.


24/7 Bilingual Hotline

Our hotline helps community members have a voice in short-term rental accountability.

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