Last updated: September 9, 2021

Bexar County, TX is iGO’s Innovator Of The Year Award Winner

Lucy Adame-Clark awarded iGO Innovator of the Year award for leading digitization efforts in Bexar County, Texas.
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Lucy Adame-Clark—Bexar County Clerk and GovOS User—receives national recognition for groundbreaking “Records on the Run” program

Austin, TX, September 7, 2021—GovOS, the leading provider of software solutions for local governments’ digital transformation journey, is proud to announce that Bexar County Clerk Lucy Adame-Clark is the Innovator Of The Year award winner. She has received the 2021 International Association of Government Officials (iGO) Innovator of the Year Award. Lucy has made use of both GovOS software as well as Kofile preservation, imaging and indexing services to create the “Records on the Run” program— a truly unique experience that reduces foot traffic in government offices while making data more accessible, an initiative that both improves people’s lives and ensures their safety and well-being. 


For Lucy and her team, this is another recognition of the hard work and innovative thinking they have applied to the challenges in their county:

“The preservation, imaging, indexing and digitizing projects that Lucy and her team have embarked on make it clear that she is committed to challenging norms and rethinking how local government can serve,” said Kevin Lafeber, President of GovOS. “We’ve known all along that she’s been working diligently to advance digital transformation in Bexar County. We’re glad to see she’s now receiving recognition at the national level for all she’s accomplished, and hope that her story is an inspiration to others who are working to effect change in their community.” 

The Innovator Of The Year award winner is chosen based on how individuals serve their constituents in the roles of Elections, Recorders, Clerks and Treasurers.

The award honors unique achievements and best practices in their respective fields. Award recipients are judged on projects or best practices that are currently being offered by their office, and that are unique to their area.

“My team and I have been truly honored to be recognized at the local, state, national, and international levels for our “Records on the Run” Mobile Unit,” said Adame-Clark. “Our Records on the Run program has allowed us to accomplish our goals of making government services more cost-effective and more accessible to remote and historically underserved community locations. Due to the initiative’s success, and public demand, we recently added a new mobile command unit and increased deployment from twice per month to at least six times per month.” 

Click here to see a short video about the award-winning Records on the Run program.


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