Last Updated: November 14, 2022

Cuyahoga County, OH Launches GovOS Cloud Records

Digital records system gives Cuyahoga constituents 24/7/365 access to official public records dating back to 1810.
Posted by Marcy Swisher

Austin, TX, November 14, 2022—The Cuyahoga County, OH Fiscal Office today announced the launch of GovOS Cloud Records, a digital records system powered by GovOS, the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments. GovOS Cloud Records gives Cuyahoga County citizens 24/7/365 access to official public records via its Cloud Search function, a Google-like search experience that returns results for both written and scanned documents.

“GovOS Cloud Records is one more step we are taking in our digital transformation, enabling constituents to get the information they want when they want it,” said Andy Johnson, Chief Information Officer of Cuyahoga County. “I am proud of the Cuyahoga County Information Team who helped launched our new digital records system and look forward to continuing this partnership with GovOS for years to come.”

Cuyahoga County chose GovOS Cloud Records after an extensive evaluation of solutions that could provide both a powerful and easy-to-use system for citizens and staff alike. With the GovOS solution, citizens can now access public records dating back from as far as 1810 to current day using any device with a WiFi connection. GovOS Cloud Search provides simple and advanced search options for users to input a broad range of parameters.

“With more than 200 years’ worth of county documents stored in the cloud, Cuyahoga citizens have a wealth of historical information available at the click of a button,” said Steve Russell, Chief Technology Officer for GovOS. “The county is now well positioned to continue adding to its record database for another 200 years and more, with the peace of mind that their system meets the highest standards for security and encryption. We applaud the Cuyahoga County team on this launch and look forward to supporting them in their ongoing digital transformation journey.” 

Cuyahoga is the first county in Ohio to launch the GovOS Cloud Records solution. Local governments across the country rely on the platform for storing records securely and making documents more easily accessible to the public. In addition to utilizing built-in cloud security, records stored on GovOS systems are protected by SSL security protocols that reduce the likelihood of hacker or ransomware attacks. 

To search Cuyahoga County records online, visit: cuyahoga.oh.publicsearch.us/

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