Dallas County Driving Change and Innovation with GovOS

Dallas County, TX records approximately 400,000 land records documents each year. Watch this video to learn how Dallas County is driving change and innovation with GovOS Records Solution.

The County Clerk’s office, my position, I am the custodian of the records for Dallas County. Primarily, I serve as the Clerk of Court but the lion’s share of my responsibility is being the custodian of the property records for Dallas County. I also serve as the local registrar for birth, marriage, and death records.

That is primarily the largest division of my office with approximately 35 employees, and we record on the land records side, about just shy of 400,000 documents a year. On the marriage, vitals, and death side, we record approximately 26,000 documents per year.

We’ve been using the GovOS land records system for just over a year. Coincidentally, we actually did a go-live in the middle of a pandemic. So if you look at the challenge that both my office had and the challenge of GovOS, the ability to do on-site training of staff in the middle of a pandemic, to do data validation in the middle of a pandemic. The volume of work that we accomplished in a very short period of time, in less than six months from the time the contract was signed to the time we went live, that was a phenomenal task and that also included the data conversion of all of our records, which is in excess of 7 and 1/2 million records.

I wanted to make sure that I had a system that was robust enough that we could actually have a future, not just for this year and next year, but for years in the future that we could actually build on. And so the GovOS system actually gives us the ability to create that additional pathway to next generation. So that we don’t have to rebuild or recreate the wheel, we just add on to it.

The services that we receive from GovOS has had a positive impact on my employees. They have the ability to service our customers in a very short period of time. The amount of time that it takes to execute a transaction has been reduced by minutes and so that has a positive impact on what the customers are seeing. It creates a really good feeling of public service for my employees.

For me, the philosophy of time on task is how we manage the services that we provide. The GovOS system has increased our productivity, reduced the amount of time that we have spent in the past with servicing our customers. And that’s a good thing.

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