Last updated: March 11, 2024

Delaware County Modernizes Its Land Records System

The Delaware County Recorder of Deeds Office was recently featured in the news for launching two new digital solutions.
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Delaware County Courthouse, PA

WHYY reports that the Delaware County Recorder of Deeds Office has launched the GovOS Cloud Search solution, making over 240 years of historical land records and 35 million document images accessible to the public. Residents can now easily search property records, purchase certified documents, and, with GovOS Property Alert, sign up for email alerts about activity on their properties without having to visit government offices.

This cloud-based modernization eliminates the need for in-person research and provides intuitive search capabilities. In addition to the convenience for residents, the system aims to enhance fraud protection, uncover orphaned properties, and shed new light on the county’s rich history by making records easier to access. Delaware County land records and the Property Alert tool are available at

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