Last updated: April 3, 2023

Greenwood County, SC Launches GovOS Cloud Search for Land Records

Greenwood is the first county in South Carolina to provide citizens with access to the advanced search system to find and view public records online.
Posted by Marcy Swisher
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Austin, TX – April 3, 2023 – GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments, today announced that the Greenwood County, SC Clerk of Court launched its Cloud Search solution. Greenwood County citizens now have access to the advanced government records search system to find and view hundreds of thousands of publicly available records. 

“I am thrilled to offer the citizens of Greenwood County a new system that will revolutionize the way we access land records,” said Chastity Copeland, Clerk of Court, Greenwood County, SC. “With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, this system will provide an unparalleled experience for users searching land records. I believe this system will greatly benefit the citizens and I am excited to see its impact in the coming years.” 

Using GovOS Cloud Search, county staff and citizens can search more than 700,000 land records dating back to the 1800s. All public records are accessible via mobile devices, tablets, computers, and county workstations. With the system’s built-in filters and sortable grids, users can easily organize their search results and instantly see which records they have already opened with the help of the system’s highlighted line items. 

“Thanks to the efforts of Chastity and the rest of the Greenwood County Clerk’s Office, detailed searching through thousands of county records can now be performed at the click of a button,” said Steve Russell, Chief Technology Officer, GovOS. “The integration of Cloud Search with the county records system means citizens can quickly access the county’s public land record database to search through more than 150 years’ worth of historical information without having to come into the office.” 

Greenwood is the first county in the state of South Carolina to deploy GovOS Cloud Search. With its Google-like interface, the search process is made simple and straightforward while still offering advanced search capabilities for more experienced users. The powerful records search engine is capable of combing through millions of digitized documents and delivering search results within seconds.  

Greenwood County land records are available to search at: 

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