Last updated: March 29, 2023

Town of Hilton Head Island, SC Launches GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution

System to increase community engagement and deliver a comprehensive dataset to measure the scope and impacts of the town’s short-term rental economy
Posted by Marcy Swisher
Scenic view of the water and lighthouse on Hilton Head Island, SC

Austin, TX, March 29, 2023–GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments today announced the Town of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina launched its short-term rental (STR) solution. The system will increase engagement between town staff and the community while providing a more accurate picture of the STR landscape on Hilton Head Island. A detailed dataset of the vacation rentals operating within the community will support the town in making data-driven decisions on how best to serve business owners while preserving the high quality of living that residents have come to expect and enjoy.

Hilton Head Island is home to approximately 40,000 full-time residents but sees around 2.5 million visitors per year. The Town estimates it has between 6,000 and 7,000 active STR properties, as well as more than 3,000 timeshares. In just the first few weeks following the launch of GovOS STR, the Town identified more than 6,000 STR properties and has permitted close to 5,000 STR property owners.

In May 2022, the Town introduced new requirements for STR properties, including regular safety inspections by the owner or agent, maximum response time for complaints, and a $250 annual registration fee for a permit to operate an STR. The Town then began a competitive evaluation of software providers to find a proven solution for the accurate identification and permitting of STR properties. GovOS was selected for its end-to-end solution, which includes an advanced identification system, a registration portal for STR licensing, and a 24/7 STR complaint hotline for the community.

“Short-term rentals have long been a part of the Island’s hospitality industry and are important to the community,” said April Akins, Revenue Services Manager, Hilton Head Island. “The new ordinance helps preserve our residents’ quality of life in neighborhoods where short-term rentals exist. Our partnership with GovOS will give us the data we need to evaluate the local market and help build a healthier STR community.”

GovOS STR is a fully integrated solution that simplifies the permitting process, streamlines communication with hosts, and gives residents a place to voice their concerns when issues arise. The combination of AI and sophisticated algorithms keeps STR data current for local governments to ensure they gather actionable information to create balance in the community and build a successful long-term STR program. With the selection of GovOS, the Town of Hilton Head Island brings its staff, property owners, and citizens the most comprehensive support in the industry, including unlimited agency and business user support as well as a 24/7 community hotline.

“Hilton Head Island has been a popular destination among travelers for many years—and for good reason,” said Matt Coury, President & Chief Operating Officer, GovOS. “Now tasked with taking steps to preserve the community while also protecting its vital tourism industry, the Town has taken a thoughtful approach to encourage responsible renting with a long-term solution to its short-term rentals. We look forward to supporting Hilton Head Island in its mission to maintain high standards when it comes to community preservation.”

In December, a registration letter with instructions on applying for an STR permit via the easy-to-use online GovOS portal was mailed to property owners. For more information about operating an STR in the Town of Hilton Head Island, please visit

Hilton Head Island residents can now submit STR-related complaints using the 24/7 bilingual hotline, hosted by GovOS. Hotline agents will contact the property’s designated emergency contact to begin the resolution process. Complaints can also be submitted through the online form on the Town website.

To learn more about the GovOS Short-Term Rental solution, visit

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