How Okaloosa County, FL is Simplifying Short-Term Rental Identification and Compliance with GovOS

With hundreds of short-term rental properties to account for, Okaloosa County needed a way to easily identify properties and address non-compliance with local requirements. Watch this video to hear staff share how GovOS helps support county enforcement efforts.

I’ve been with the clerk’s office for almost a year. I handle the collection and enforcement for the tourist development tax. For our STR goals, we are looking at simplifying the process of locating listings with the online platforms and linking them to the addresses and listings, that way we can identify the customers for enforcement. So being a county with a high tourism destination, we experience issues with the condos and identifying which condos have active listings.

The GovOS platform is gonna really help us during the busiest part of the season. And one of the ways that they’re gonna help us is the support team that they provide to answer customer emails and customer phone calls outside of our office. That in return allows me and my team to register new accounts and also work compliance.

Some of the benefits being in the GovOS STR site is keeping track of our notifications to our new tax clients, we’re able to send out those notifications and keep track with our enforcement process. Another benefit of the STR system is the GovOS agents filter through and locate properties for non-compliant units, allowing us to know where to focus our energy for enforcement.

If someone else is looking for a solution for tourist tax, I would offer them advice of find the company that’s willing to work for you and get you the items that you need to to do your day-to-day task with tourist tax collection, tourist tax compliance. I believe the GovOS team is fully prepared and capable of handling everybody’s collection needs.

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