Last updated: May 5, 2023

GovOS Partner Profile: Idaho Association of Counties

This series of articles profiles the industry-leading organizations partnering with GovOS to promote better engagement between governments and their constituents.
Posted by Marcy Swisher
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In March, we announced our partnership with Idaho Association of Counties (IAC), a statewide organization that supports county interests, good public policy, and community best practices.

Together, we’re providing Idaho counties with access to resources that support local businesses and improve the lives of residents.

In this partner profile, the IAC team shares their mission, the member resources they offer, and how digital services help counties better serve their communities.

Organization Info

Year established: 1976

Employees: 8

Members: All 44 Idaho Counties (with ~400 county elected officials, hundreds of county employees, and IAC Corporate Partners)

Can you tell us about IAC’s mission?

IAC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan member service organization dedicated to improving county government. The organization was designed and incorporated by county elected officials to provide services, research, uniformity, and coordination among member counties—all to better serve constituents.

In addition to encouraging ethical behavior, IAC advocates good public policy on behalf of Idaho counties and provides education and training to assist county officials in the performance of public service.

What is IAC’s primary focus this year?

Our primary focus is the same as our vision: Be the most trusted source for county government policy information and the leading source of knowledge for Idaho’s county officials.

One of the many ways we prioritize this is by facilitating IAC’s County Officials Institute (COI). The COI is a two-year training program that provides a curriculum relevant to county issues, enabling county officials and staff to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be effective leaders in county government.

The trainings are a combination of monthly webinars and in-person events, which take place in different locations around the state. Our Executive Director, Seth Grigg, and IAC policy staff present the in-person training events, while subject-matter experts outside IAC typically host the webinars.

In what way do you think counties benefit most from digital services?

Digital services can benefit county elected officials and county employees by helping to automate processes and increase efficiencies, allowing them to better serve their communities. They can also be especially valuable to departments that are understaffed.

What other resources do you offer members in addition to training?

IAC offers counties a wide breadth of resources designed to help county officials perform their duties to the best of their abilities. This includes resources such as:

  • Two large conferences hosted by IAC throughout the year to provide members with opportunities for education, networking, and robust discussion on topics pertinent to counties
  • Numerous programs and services, including the Unemployment Fund, Capital Crimes Defense Fund, Litigation Fund, and more
  • A variety of communications and publications created and disseminated by IAC, including our e-newsletter, County Focus magazine, annual report, and more
  • Technical assistance to members who are encouraged to contact IAC staff with questions and work through complex issues

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How do partnerships help support IAC in its mission?

IAC’s Corporate Partner program was created to connect Idaho counties with trusted vendors to help counties fulfill their duties while allowing companies to strengthen their relationships with county governments.

Corporate Partners are often some of the biggest supporters at IAC events, so partnering with great companies like GovOS helps expand the program, leading to more support and resources for Idaho counties.

IAC members have access to exclusive partner pricing on GovOS products. Visit to learn more.

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