Last updated: August 30, 2022

GovOS Partner Profile: NoiseAware

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Posted by Marcy Swisher
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Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with NoiseAware, the global leader in smart noise monitoring technology. As part of the partnership, local governments using the GovOS Short-Term Rental (STR) solution now have the power to offer STR operators in their community discounted rates on NoiseAware noise monitoring solutions.

This offering has garnered a lot of positive feedback from agency staff and property owners looking for ways to mitigate STR-related issues, including excessive noise, in their neighborhoods.

To give you a glimpse of the team behind the tech and what makes this partnership so impactful, we sat down with NoiseAware to discuss their mission, how this technology is unique and where they see the STR industry heading.

How did NoiseAware get its start?

NoiseAware was created in the wake of one vacation rental party gone too far–at a property owned by our co-founder. In the beginning, our goal was simple: prevent incidents at rental properties by stopping noise issues and nuisances before they lead to angry neighbors, property damage, or worse. As the company grew, we added more features to help property owners and managers and, over time, our product has grown into a service with a mission.

What is NoiseAware’s mission?

We are dedicated to protecting property owners/managers, neighbors, and municipalities against noise and party-related nuisances, while at the same time, protecting the privacy of guests.

Company Info

Year Established: 2015

Co-founders: Andrew Schulz, Chief Growth Officer & Christine Myer, VP of Sales and Marketing

Employees: 30

Total Stays Protected by NoiseAware: 5+ million in 45 states and 11 countries

Our mission is to reduce neighbor complaints, prevent property damage, improve community relations and support fair and balanced short-term-rental regulations.

Now more than ever, we recognize how important it is to be a good neighbor, not just in our own communities but in the world at large. For us, that means being tirelessly considerate, attentive, and compassionate towards our customers and providing tools that make it easier for everyone to be a good neighbor.

How does partnering with GovOS help advance this mission?

Working with GovOS gives us the ability to be directly involved in the sustainable growth of the short-term-rental industry while protecting the needs of the community. We are able to work with more property managers and homeowners and help them be proactive about potential guest issues to protect their neighbors’ right to quiet in their community.

Sound wave showing spikes in noise

What is a common misconception about smart noise monitoring technology?

Noise monitoring technology is typically perceived as invasive. However, NoiseAware monitors volume levels, not dialogue or specific sounds, making it the only smart noise device that is 100% privacy-safe.

What trends are impacting the STR industry this year?

The remote-work and work-from-anywhere trends continue to hold as we move further away from the COVID pandemic. Many travelers and workers stayed in short-term rentals for the first time and quickly became repeat customers. This trend alone provides a foundation for strong growth in the industry for many years to come.

What is one prediction you have for STRs in 2023?

The IPOs of Vacasa and Sonder mark a point in history where the short-term-rental industry has exited its adolescence and is now maturing. We predict there will be more consolidation among property managers and owners driven by technology-enabled acquirers that want to make their brands household names—similar to many hotel brands.

What are some of your best success stories?

The ones that bring the most joy to us are the weekly stories about the crises averted as a result of NoiseAware. Whether it’s a group of golf buddies being a little too loud on the patio at night or the rare house party, helping to quickly identify these activities and enabling our customers to be proactive to protect their home and community is what our mission is all about.

What makes NoiseAware unique?

NoiseAware is the only 100% privacy-safe, indoor and outdoor noise and occupancy solution in the STR industry. Our proprietary Noise Risk Score not only measures decibel levels over time but also identifies high-risk noise events and issues alerts so noise can be solved before it becomes a problem.

NoiseAware’s weatherproof outdoor sensors are the only purpose-built sensors of their kind, and they allow users to measure and resolve outdoor noise quickly and safely. Our AutoResolve guest messaging feature solves 90% of noise issues in under 30 minutes, usually with just a single text to the guest.

How is NoiseAware working together with GovOS?

We are working with GovOS to spread the message that noise nuisance issues are a solvable problem. The partnership enables us to scale our solution and protect tourism in a responsible way. We believe GovOS is the most capable partner in the industry to enable our customers to be in compliance with city ordinances and run sustainable short-term rentals.

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