Last updated: July 28, 2020

GovOS Launches Triggers for Government Workflows

Government agencies can use triggers to automate workflows and ensure timely communication after online form submissions
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NEW YORK, July 28, 2020—GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation services and software for local governments, today announced that its new Triggers feature is out of beta and available to all users. Government agencies can use Triggers to define criteria such as Tags, Stages or Assignments that should automatically start an associated workflow. “We’re always looking for ways to help our partners improve efficiency, increase transparency and improve the lives of citizens and staff,” said Nino DePaola, Vice President of Platform Success for SeamlessDocs (now GovOS Studio). “Triggers relieve government employees of some of the menial, repetitive tasks like sending templated emails, setting tags or moving form submissions to various stages.“

Conditional Triggers

The conditions used by Triggers include:
  • When a specific user is assigned to a form—If a user is assigned to a form, then send that user an email with specific information on what steps they need to complete.
  • When a form is moved to a specific Stage—If a form submission is marked ‘complete’, notify all signers on the form as well as the person who submitted the form.
  • When a Tag is added to a form—If a form is tagged ‘Follow Up’ then notify a specific set of people in the organization.
“Triggers have definitely made my life easier,” said Penny Milton, Residential Water Efficiency Coordinator for the City of Portland, OR. “We use this feature on our Community Garden Hose Nozzle Request form. If a community garden volunteer requests a hose nozzle, we ask them if they’d like additional information on what our program does for Portland. About 50% of the community members who request a hose nozzle ask for more information, so we’ve been able to automate the sending of general information on our program. And I only have to send a follow-up email when there’s a specific request or question.”

Examples of GovOS Studio Triggers

Triggers can be used in a wide range of functions, including:
  • If a user sees a submission has been sitting too long, they can tag it as ‘Urgent’ and a custom notification will be sent to the appropriate person.
  • If a submission reaches a certain number of signatures, or has been approved by everyone, you can use Triggers to automatically set the user type permissions, i.e. Once a contract is set to a stage of Approved, then those with ‘view-only’ capabilities can then view the document.
  • An incomplete submission can be tagged ‘Need more info’ and can be sent back to the submitter with an automated email that explains what information was missing.
“Triggers make work flow smoother,” said Jodi Brown, Administrative Services Associate, Lynchburg Public Library. “I set up triggers so that staff would automatically receive communication about work orders submitted. Doing so would save me time creating a new email each time an order was received. It would also safeguard against me forgetting to send an email at all. Overall it saves time for everyone, and our staff communication has improved.”

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