Last Updated: October 13, 2021

How Oceanside, CA Increased Its Short-Term Rental Compliance Rate to 93%

Oceanside, CA is a popular coastal city in San Diego County that experienced rapid growth in Airbnbs, Vrbos and short-term rentals (STRs) in the 2010s.
Posted by GovOS Team

The Need

In June 2019, the city approved an ordinance designed to monitor STRs. Among the conditions laid out in the ordinance was the requirement for STR operators to register for a permit and pay an annual fee of $250.

Oceanside, CA

Population: 175,622

STR Ads: 6,114

STR Properties: +700

GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution

Recognizing they needed to improve compliance with the latest adoption of permitting, Oceanside put out a formal RFP in mid-2019. Following their review of the responses, the Finance Department recommended utilizing the GovOS STR Solution (formerly LODGINGRevs) for compliance, registration, Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) collection and a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline. They selected GovOS over four other vendors who responded, based on their evaluation of finance, code enforcement, service options, cost proposals, experience and software demos.

Our Results

The GovOS Short-Term Rental Solution has streamlined STR tasks for Oceanside staff and, in a little more than a year, has enabled them to collect more than $8.8 million in Transient Occupancy Tax revenue and permitting fees. That total amount increased to $14.5 million when including batch processing checks. The city now holds a 93% compliance rate.

About GovOS

In 2021, GovOS acquired MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs – a leading provider of tax, licensing and compliance tools for local government. The same innovative payment orchestration engine that powered this project for the City of Oceanside is now at the core of the GovOS software solutions, alongside other products that improve engagement at every step of a government’s digital transformation journey.

For more information, visit www.govos.com.

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