Last updated: October 9, 2020

SeamlessDocs is Now GovOS Studio

Transforming the way local governments do business and building beautiful governments ready to take on the digitization challenges of today.
Posted by Karl Pawlewicz
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The life of SeamlessDocs has been a journey. A lot of people joke about startups being built in a garage or in a closet. SeamlessDocs was literally built in a janitor’s closet with a little fishbowl window into the hallway. Through a lot of persistence and perseverance, we moved out of that closet by building a product that works, trying a little bit of everything in terms of product market fit, and eventually finding a market with a true need for our form builder platform.

It’s been a journey, and we’ve come a long way. I often tell people that whatever challenge you think a startup will face, SeamlessDocs has faced it and overcome it. A lot of people thought we were crazy for selling to government—now they think it’s obvious.

We grew in leaps and bounds, and we all have a lot to be proud of and thankful for. But what we learned during the COVID pandemic, as we saw a historic adoption of our platform and expanded use of our platform, was that there is still a lot more we could do!

The next chapter for SeamlessDocs

As a result of our accelerated growth, the SeamlessDocs leadership team worked diligently to identify acquisition opportunities that could take SeamlessDocs to the next level. After an exhaustive search, I’m happy to report that we have found a company with a comparable culture, and similar core tenets that has agreed to a strategic acquisition of SeamlessDocs.

That company is GovOS, the leading provider of digital transformation services and software for local governments. GovOS’ comprehensive suite of premium services and best-in-class cloud based systems has been chosen by municipalities across the country to help bring processes into the digital age.

“GovOS’ investment in new services and software has always been guided by the customers we serve,” said Michael Crosno, CEO of GovOS. “Today, more than ever, our customers are asking for two things. First is the ability to provide information and services online, from anywhere, at any time and with complete confidence in data security. Second is for expert support in taking new and existing physical records, digitizing them, and embedding them with intelligence that streamlines online search and retrieval. We’re proud to be the only provider that can deliver on both of those needs for our customers who work tirelessly to serve their constituents. We couldn’t be more excited about the acquisition of SeamlessDocs and new value we can bring to local government as their partners in service.”

Combined resources and new ideas

The combined technology of the two companies will enable GovOS to offer a comprehensive suite of applications that digitize the many important functions of local government. Government agencies will be able to use GovOS applications to provide user-friendly digital services, including searching and requesting records, recording and e-filing documents, processing permits and licenses, and managing employees and vendors.

With a portfolio of solutions for these key needs, GovOS aims to provide a complete solution for local governments that are increasingly looking to consolidate digital transformation efforts under single providers.

“Our constituents want reliable, efficient, and cost-effective digital government services,” said Juli Luke, Clerk of Denton County, Texas. “The prospect of having one partner to address all of these needs is a really compelling proposition as a steward of tax-payer dollars.”

Innovating through COVID and beyond

GovOS’ acquisition of SeamlessDocs comes at an important time, as the need for secure, remote access to local government information and services has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. GovOS has already begun offering solutions to address the challenges government officials are facing, and the integration of SeamlessDocs technology adds powerful digital services to aid in the effort.

GovOS’ remote marriage licensing application is one of many new integrated applications and includes advanced digital features like videoconferencing, mobile support, and proof of identity capture. “The pandemic disrupted our ability to process marriage licenses,” said Jean Marfizo King, Register of Wills of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. “GovOS’ remote licensing application is allowing us to resume this essential service for our constituents by transforming the process into an easy and secure digital experience.” This application exemplifies the type of groundbreaking and built-for-the cloud digital services the market can expect from GovOS.

A new home for SeamlessDocs partners and employees

More than building a company, we’ve built a family, and we’re very proud of the family-like culture we’ve built here. When picking an acquisition partner, that factored heavily into who we chose. We believe strongly that GovOS is a great new home for our family.

I co-founded the software business on the principle that interacting with government should be a seamless experience. As such, cultural fit was a very important part of the evaluation for both parties in this process and the consensus was unanimous.

Today we’re bringing together two teams with incredible knowledge of the local government space and a real passion for delivering transformative work in collaborative ways. At GovOS, we’re hyper focused on empowering local governments so they can be digital leaders, not playing catch-up.

What comes next

Today’s announcement is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished and what’s to come. SeamlessDocs is what it is today because of our amazing partners, who every day champion digital transformation in local government.

You demand the best of our platform, and in doing so you propel it to new heights and innovative functionality. At the same time, you show our team what it means to succeed in the face of adversity; you keep us humble, genuine, and honest; and every day you teach us empathy through your service to your constituents and colleagues.

Rest assured the GovOS + SeamlessDocs teams are now hard at work developing a suite of citizen-facing and internal native cloud applications, beautifully designed to deliver access to government information and services from anywhere, at anytime.

Today though, let me thank you again for being a partner. For the better part of the last decade SeamlessDocs has been committed to delivering a beautiful platform with elegant functionality. We cannot wait to continue our commitment with the GovOS Team and most importantly with YOU. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you again for being a partner. You remain our biggest inspiration.

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