Last updated: May 16, 2022

GovOS Announces New Partnership with the Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance

The partnership will leverage both companies’ experience in the short-term rental industry to support initiatives that encourage responsible renting in communities.
Posted by Marcy Swisher
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Austin, TX, May 16, 2022 — GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments, announced today it is partnering with the Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance (VTSTRA), a nonprofit business association for vacation rental owners and short-term rental (STR) hosts operating in Vermont. The partnership will support both organizations in their ongoing efforts to encourage responsible renting through expanded access to resources and software solutions that promote healthy STR communities. 

“The VTSTRA is dedicated to helping make vacation rentals a responsibly-operated and reasonably-regulated part of Vermont’s culture, economy, and way of life,” said Julie Marks, Founder, Director, and Board President of the VTSTRA. “GovOS has extensive experience helping local governments improve engagement with STR communities in their jurisdiction. That experience combined with our own expertise and educational resources will help us build a stronger, more sustainable lodging ecosystem throughout Vermont.” 

VTSTRA’s mission is to establish standards that protect the well-being of Vermont’s STR hosts, guests, neighbors, and communities, while also supporting policies that incentivize smart growth development to correct the deficiency in the state’s housing supply. The VTSTRA advocates for the use of STR registration systems to help ensure operators are aware of and adhere to legislation at the state and local levels.  

“GovOS is aligned with VTSTRA’s desire to support STR hosts and the communities in which they operate,” said Kevin Lafeber, President, GovOS. “From its inception, GovOS has taken a holistic approach to offering solutions that have a positive impact. By supporting local governments and the communities they serve, we have fundamental insight into what citizens, businesses, and government agencies need to achieve their goals. Our companies’ shared interest in advocating for more awareness, understanding, and cooperation is what makes this partnership so valuable.” 

Chosen by communities across the U.S., the GovOS STR solution helps local governments understand and mitigate the impacts of STRs on their community and the local economy. In addition to the identification and compliance components, GovOS STR provides an industry-leading registration system for local communities that require STR operators to apply for a license. The solution also supports tax collection (including both state and local lodging taxes, where applicable) as well as a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline for local residents. The system is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that helps improve engagement between STR operators and their government agencies. 

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GovOS and the VTSTRA will be presenting at the upcoming Vermont Short-Term Rental Conference & Trade Show. The deadline to purchase tickets is May 20th, so be sure to get a ticket now before they’re gone.

About the VTSTRA

The Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance (VTSTRA) is a nonprofit business association for vacation rental owners and short-term rental hosts operating in Vermont. The VTSTRA works collaboratively with state and municipal lawmakers to craft regulatory solutions that will effectively mitigate potential negative impacts on Vermont communities while protecting the vital economic opportunity that the STR industry brings to Vermont. 

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GovOS is a leading provider of transaction and compliance software for state and local governments to streamline property, licensing, and tax interactions with businesses and citizens. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, GovOS serves more than 800 government agencies across the United States. With the company’s secure suite of cloud-based solutions, governments can maximize revenue, increase compliance, reduce costs, and meet constituent demand for modern, self-service transaction and payment services. In 2024, GovOS was named to the GovTech 100 list by Government Technology for the second time.

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